Saturday 31 January 2015

Ballygally - blowing the cobwebs away

 A quick visit this afternoon to one of my favourite places to get the cobwebs blown away. I haven't been too well for a couple of weeks and this was a great place to clear my head. It was so windy that the foam from the sea was mixed with snow and the only way you could tell the difference was the taste! I could hardly hold the camera.


  1. Fab pics Ruth, so wintery. xxxxxx

  2. I've been there Ruth, but not on such a windy day. Always wondered what wag painted the face on that rock, and what the story is, behind it. Do you know?

    1. I've no idea who originally painted the face on the rock but it's regularly refreshed. When the Italian cycle race was passing through (Giro d'Italia) last year, lots of landmarks en route were painted pink - and this was bright pink for quite a while before it was restored to white again!


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