Friday 25 May 2018

Some more of my creations with edding markers

Two more things before I get back to the serious business of making Christmas cards...
I painted the daisies on the front of the key cabinet with edding markers for glass and added a Dovecraft watering can die cut with Simply Creative gem water drops.
The shells are quickly and roughly painted with edding Porcelain brushmarkers 

edding Porcelain Brushmarkers

 I painted this mug and plate last night with the edding Porcelain Brushmarkers  For anyone just thinking about trying this, the Porcelain Brushmarkers have the advantage of being fully "removable" from your project by simply wiping off while wet or washing with warm water. The paint becomes permanent when it is baked in the oven. 

Thursday 24 May 2018

edding Textile Pens and Markers

 Today I've been trying out edding pens (4600) and markers (4500) on a reusable fabric bag. I used a stencil from Plaid and added a few little extra details. It's my first attempt at using these and right away I'm really impressed at how good the coverage is and how they don't bleed. 

I ironed the fabric before I used it.

After putting a piece of card behind the area to be stencilled (so that the markers do not go through to the second layer of fabric)I drew the outline from the stencil with the textile pens.

I used the markers for the larger areas.

Wednesday 23 May 2018

Partial tent card tutorial - Dovecraft Sweet Moments from Trimcraft

 The Dovecraft "Sweet Moments" collection from Trimcraft has lots of gorgeous embellishments to complement the paper packs. I've used some of them on this "partial tent card". 

You will need:
Dovecraft A4 Luxury Heavyweight white card
Dovecraft "Sweet Moments" 12 x 12 paper pack
Dovecraft "Sweet Moments" 8x8 decoupage pad
Dovecraft "Sweet Moments" Wooden Shapes
Dovecraft "Sweet Moments" Glitter Stickers
Dovecraft "Sweet Moments" Pearls
Dovecraft "Sweet Moments" Wooden Buttons
Dovecraft "Sweet Moments" Mini Pegs
Dovecraft "Sweet Moments"
Dovecraft Crafters Glue
Dovecraft 3D foam squares

How to make it:
 1. Score and fold an A4 sheet of white card in half. Remove 5cm from each side of the front.

 2. Score a11.5cm x 5cm piece of white card at 1cm, 2.5cm and 3.5cm . Fold in a concertina style.

 3. Glue one of the 1cm ends to the centre of thee bottom of the card as shown.

4.Glue a 20.5cm x 14.5cm piece of floral paper to the back of the card, covering where the folded part is glued on.

5. Glue the other 1cm fold part to the inside of the front of the card. This will make the tent part but will fold flat for postage.

6. Make up the decoupage using 3D foam squares.

7. Glue to the front of the card.

8. Glue a tiny flower Glitter Sticker and a mini peg to a Wooden Heart and glue to the top left of the tent fold.

9. Glue tiny Glitter Stickers to 2 small Wooden Buttons and glue these to the bottom right of the tent fold.

10. Add pearls to the Macaron box.

Trimcraft First Edition "Botanical Beauty" card tutorial (see inside)

Trimcraft's First Edition "Botanical Beauty" paper pads have a wonderful combination of lush leafy patterns, tropical flowers and metallic geometric designs. The First Edition Tropical Themed dies complement them perfectly.
I have used these together to create a card which has a little pop out element on the inside.

You will need:
Trimcraft First Edition Botanical Beauty 12 x 12 paper pad
Trimcraft First Edition Tropical themed dies FEDIE 235
Dovecraft Luxury Heavyweight A4 white card
Dovecraft Crafters Glue
Dovecraft 3D foam squares
Simply Creative 6mm red gems 
Simply Creative 10mm yellow pearls
Dovecraft Crystal Glitter Glue
Black fine liner pen
die cutting machine

How to make it:
 1. Score and fold an A4 piece of white card in half on the long side. Cut a piece of patterned paper to measure 28cm x 15cm. On the long side score and fold this as shown at 12cm 14cm and 16cm.

 2. Turn the patterned paper over and add double sided tape as shown.

 3. Remove the backing strips in the centre and press together.

 4. Next, remove the rest of the backing strips and adhere the folded paper in the centre of the card.

 5. Die cut the toucan, palm tree and two frond palm leaves from white card and glue to the paper as shown.

6. Cut a 6.5cm x 8cm rectangle of white card and glue in the centre of the right side. Cut a toucan from the patterned paper and glue to the card as shown. Draw a fine black line around the edges of the white card. 

 7. Cut three pieces of patterned paper from the pad for the front of the card. Measurements from left to right are  - 14cm x 20.25cm,  13.5cm x 19.75cm and 6.5cm x 19.75cm. Cut out a 7cm diameter circle of white card.

 8. Layer the pieces of paper onto each other and glue to the front of the card. Die cut two large white leaves and one palm leaf. Tuck in behind the white circle and glue in place. Cut out a parrot from the paper pad and glue on top.

 9. Add 10mm Simply Creative gems to the leaves and flowers and a fine line of glitter glue around the edges of the palm frond paper strip and the white circle.

10. Glue a 9cm x 2cm strip of gold patterned paper to a 9.5cm x 2.5cm strip of white card and attach across the leaf panel with 3D foam squares. Add a 10mm pearl at each side.


Tuesday 22 May 2018

Folk Art Marbling Paint from Plaid

 I had a lovely delivery from the States yesterday and couldn't wait to try the new paint out! It is Folk Art Marbling Paint from Plaid Crafts and this made me one very happy lady! What I'm showing here is just a first trial of the paints and how they mix and marble together etc but I have some more ideas up my sleeve to try as soon as I finish what I'm supposed to be doing today!....Yes, those ideas do include glitter!
These will be available in Ireland (North and South) very soon :) I'll keep you posted.

 I used a cocktail stick to move the Marbling around a little on these.

 I blew gently onto  the Marbling with a straw to create the pattern on this.

 I moved some of the Marbling around with my finger on this one.

A super range of colours :)

edding glass paint markers on wood

I painted some roses onto this little wooden box with the edding markers for glass etc (751) and then added some white dots and 3mm Simply Creative gems.

Monday 21 May 2018

Floral tumblers with edding glass paint markers

 I bought some tumblers on Saturday and painted a few freehand flowers onto them with the edding paint markers (751). I am loving how easy these are to use 

Friday 18 May 2018

Painting on Glass with Edding markers

 I had used these fantastic markers from Edding earlier to paint some pebbles and then wanted to try them out on glass. For practise purposes (although I do like to recycle and re-use) I painted some flowers onto a selection of jam jars and a spice jar. The paint flows so well from the markers and looks great even as it is drying, that I've already got some tumblers etc ready and waiting for my next project!

These are the pens I used for the freehand flowers on the jars :)