Punch and Stamps - lots of flowers to make.

I'm adding photos of instruction boards which I made to show the easy steps in making the flowers which are named on the Tonic Studios Punch and Stamp sets. I will also be adding lots of photos of many of the different flowers which you can make from the sets which are not named on the boxes but which can be created by twisting or stamping the petals in different ways - just by using your imagination.

Set 1   700e

Set 2  701e

Set 3   702e

Set 4   703e

I've just finished my new boards showing some of the flowers you can make with the Tonic Studios Punch and Stamp sets so I thought I'd post them here as a reference.
You'll notice I have called each board by the box name but added "etc"...that little "etc" is very important because you can see that I have made lots more flowers than the ones named on the boxes. That is because, when I was designing these sets I tried my best to think of lots of different ways to use them. There are more than what I have photographed and you probably can think of more for yourself but I hope you like these and enjoy the sets you have..

These are little fuchsias made with set 2....not on the board because I had no room for any more.. :)






  1. what a treat looking at all your brilliant flowers I wish mine were half as good as yours, thanks for sharing, Dee.x

  2. What are the prices for the Punch and Stamp sets and how does one order them

  3. Красота! Браво!

  4. WOW! - Thanks for sharing these flower tuts

  5. I realize this is out dated, but dang, I wish these sets were still available. Ive been on the hunt for set #1 for almost two years with zero luck.
    Thank you for all your tutorials! Your boards showing the steps are very helpful and although I don't own any of the sets, I have similar shaped dies and punches that I use to make flowers and your tutorials have made all the difference to me. Thank you!!


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