Tuesday 31 May 2016

Never ending card - Trimcraft Pretty Posy papers

 Hello from sunny Co. Antrim :)
I've been making a never-ending card today with the gorgeous Pretty Posy papers from Trimcraft and I've used the Wedding die set to decorate. Have a look below at all the different configurations of the card :). It's hard to leave the card sitting - I just want to keep opening it out in different directions!

Saturday 28 May 2016

Samples for my demo at Paperworks, Dungannon next week (4th Jun)

A little reminder of my demo next week (Sat Jun 4th ) at Paperworks, Linen Green, Dungannon where I'll be using lots of lovely Trimcraft papers, dies and embellishments (Pretty Posy, My Guy, Folk Song, Flower Girl etc) along with some Plaid Chalk paint and different Mod Podge effects. 

 I've used the bunting from the Trimcraft Party dies, painted with FolkArt Chalkboard paint to make a calendar -  and then used the Dovecraft white Chalk marker to write on it.

This is one of my samples using My Guy papers and Sports dies.

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Entangled Strip (Big Day) tutorial - Tonic Studios

 The Entangled Strip dies can be used in several different ways eg to create decorative panels in the card, or when used with one edge they can form a border or even a strip when used with both edge dies.
I've used the Big Day set to form borders on this shaped card and have shown all the steps below so you can try it for yourself :)

To make this card you will need:
white card (A4 plus extra)
aqua card
navy card
Tonic Studios Apple Blossom die set
Crystal Drops - Midnight Blue
Funky glue
double sided tape
die cutting machine


How to make it :
 1. Place the outer die on the outside edge of an A4 sheet of white card and tape in place as shown. 

 2. Pass through the die cutting machine.

3. Carefully place the detail die on top and tape in place with masking tape.

4. Pass through the die cutting machine.

 5. Score and fold the card at 4.5cm from the edge of the pattern on the right side - this will be 3cm from the cut edge of the pattern on the left side. Cut so that the back of the card measures 15cm.

 6. Cut a piece of aqua card measuring 15cm x 21cm and attach to the back of the white patterned part with double sided tape. This will become the card front.

 7. Cut a piece of aqua card measuring 14.5cm x 21cm.
Score along the length at 1.5cm. Score and make a valley fold at 6.5cm in from the unfolded edge. This is the halfway mark of the unfolded card.
Make marks at 3.5cm from the top and bottom of the 13cm part and score diagonally across them as shown in a mountain fold.

8.  It will then look like this. Add double sided tape along the 1.5cm folded edge.

9. Attach the folded part to t he bottom part of the card front as shown.

 10. Cut a strip of navy card measuring 9cm x 21cm and tape the outer die to the edge. Pass through the die cutting machine.

 11. Add the detail die on top of the cut out and tape in place. Pass through the die cutting machine.

 12. Glue the navy die cut to  the bottom of the folded part of the card.

 Side view

 13. Cut our 4 of the small die shapes - 2 white and 2 navy.

 14. Glue to the card as shown above.

Decorate with Apple Blossom flowers, Midnight Blue Crystal Drops (with Aqua glitter on top). Add a strip of double sided tape across the bottom and sprinkle on Aqua glitter. Tap off excess.
Layer white and navy offset Tangled Posies die cuts and glue to the centre of the card. Add navy and aqua offset "Congrats" to the top and some swirls from the Apple Blossom die set to finish :)

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Up and away! - Trimcraft Simply Creative

 I was just enjoying this shape of card and got a bit carried away making so many but I thought it suited the dies I was using as well as the papers. This is the Trimcraft Simply Creative "My Guy" papers with Trimcraft Space dies and Modern sentiment dies.
I've used some A4 Mirror card to shine out from the background papers.

Using yesterday's stash

I grabbed some photos of some things which I was trying out yesterday with my new Plaid stash. I'll obviously be adding more detail etc and finishing each of them but I thought I'd show you what I've tried so far.
The photos above is of a perfume bottle which I painted with Plaid Pink Sheer Paint and then added 3 coats of Plaid Extreme Glitter. The photo doesn't even come close to capturing the real glittery effect :). It's like a fairy princess bottle for a little girl!

 I found some black and white papers in my cupboard..

 ...and the Sheer Paint used over the top gives it a beautiful tint.

The sheen off the Sheer Paint is amazing :)

 I had a crystal glass which had got chipped at the rim so I decided to drip three different colours of Sheer Paint inside, swirl them around and leave to dry. It gave a lovely marbled effect - unfortunately it's a little difficult to capture the sheer effect in a photo.

Monday 23 May 2016

Trying out some Plaid products

Some lovely new things for me to try - all the way from America :)
I've just received some lovely Mod Podge products which I haven't used before and am having way too much fun already! The Sheer paint is fantastic! I've already been dripping it into glasses, painting bottles and tinting paper :) ...and the Extreme Glitter is something else!!
I'll have to post some photos to show what I've been doing.

Wednesday 18 May 2016

How to extend the Classic Quaterfoil Patterned Panel die size - Tonic Studios

Hi, I love using my dies etc to embellish scrapbook pages as well as cards. I wanted to show how you can use some of the new Tonic Studios Patterned Panel dies to create even larger die cuts. For this scrapbook page I've used  the Classic Quaterfoil die to create a patterned panel on an A4 piece of white card. You can see the steps in more detail below. I hope you will give this a try :)

To make the actual large die cut all I needed was an A4 piece of white card, Classic Quaterfoil die and a die cutting machine.
However, on the whole page I have used several other beautiful dies - Woodland Aster
Sweet MeliaTwisting VerandaElegant ColumnsBest FriendsSomeone Special and Fae Trellis.
                       The paper I have chosen for this page is Trimcraft's Botanical Notes.

How to extend the die:
1. Place your Classic Quaterfoil inner die on the white card and tape in position as shown above. Pass through the die cutting machine.

2. Remove the die.

3. Line up the pattern on the die with the pattern on the die cut card. You will feel it gently "slot" into place. Carefully tape in position. I have used tape in the four corners this time to ensure that it does not move at all. Pass through the machine.

4. Close up

5. Remove the die.

6. Line up the pattern with the die at the bottom left this time and carefully tape in position. Pass through the die cutting machine.

7. Remove the die.

 8.  Line up the pattern with the die at the bottom right this time and carefully tape in position. Pass through the die cutting machine.

9. Remove the die and you will have a large die cut pattern  - you can extend this even further to the edge of the page but this is the size I wanted for my scrapbook page.

10. I wanted quite a subtle and distressed look so I  snipped away little pieces of the die cut and inked the edges with a Versamark Old Rose ink pad.
I then added several little spots of Funky Glue to the edges and centre of the die cut before securing it to the page.