Sunday 8 May 2016

Day out with friends from Tokyo

No work this weekend :) We had friends over from Japan (my penpal from when I was 13!!) Sayuri and Kazuhide had come to visit us about 9 years ago for  the first time and this was their second visit to Belfast. First stop - St. George's Market and a meet up with Jennifer, another blast from the past (we were in the same class at High School).

Jennifer makes beautiful jewellery which you can find at Cornucopia in St. George's Market, Belfast.

At the fish counter

Kazuhide sampling the delights of good old Northern Ireland dulse for the first time - not impressed! lol
David loves his dulse (and yellowman if there's any around!)

Sayuri checking out a new veg - parsnips :)

By request we took them to see the famous murals of Belfast - although we did take them to see the ones they asked for I thought these were the nicest ones.

Sayuri in the grounds of Belfast Castle.

Belfast Castle

                                                 Some of the famous cats of the Castle

At the Dark Hedges

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