Thursday 23 February 2023

Tonic Studios Stamp Club 28 -Good Times Ahead #affiliate


It's Stamp Club time! No. 28 is called Good Times Ahead and there are some really beautiful stamps and dies for you to use to create very colourful, happy cards :) You can buy the Stamp Club here (affiliate links)

You can see how to make these 2 cards in my video here

Wednesday 22 February 2023

Eggs Cellent Easter Egg Gift Box from Tonic Studios #affiliate


Spring has almost sprung and Easter Eggs are on the shop shelves. If you want to personalise a gift ( whether it's an Easter Egg, or treats or something else) this beautiful Egg shaped gift box is perfect! There are 43 dies in the set and the finished egg measures It reminds me of Faberge eggs and would look amazing in gold and silver etc but I have chosen more "Springy" colours and love how it turned out. You can buy the die set here - (affiliate links) UK - USA -

You can see how I made it in my video here -

Tuesday 21 February 2023

Tonic Studios Mother's Day Collection #affiliate


Today I have 4 new dies sets which have been released together by Tonic Studios as a Mother's Day collection. You don't actually have to use them together as you can mix and match them with other die sets you may already have too.

You can buy the dies here - (affiliate links) UK –

                                               USA -

You can see my video here

The Handbags and Lipsticks die set has 43 dies and you'll see in the video how these are just fabulous for customising your bags! I'd suggest die cutting lots of pieces and just playing around with them to see what combinations you come up with. They are so much fun! You can see the "Shoe" video which I mention in this video over here -

Monday 20 February 2023

Tonic Studios Kit 65 - Floral Gate Creator #affiliate

Sometimes I get a kit/die set and when I look at it, I think it has many possibilities that it's not even possible to include them all in one video. Well, this kit falls into that category! I love the colours and everything else!

You can see my video here

I meant to show you the unboxing and make 2 cards, then take my leave but, as you can see, I had trouble stopping! I made a card, tag, bookmark and box/container but could have gone on...
I hope you enjoy it and I hope it sparks something in your imagination to give you even more ideas too.
You can buy the kit here (affiliate links)

and the only thing I used apart from the contents of the kit was a little white card.
Please don't forget to use the dies creatively with other dies which you may already have and also to use different coloured card :)

Wednesday 15 February 2023

Whimsical Wheelbarrow and Pretty Petals from Tonic Studios #affiliate


Hello :) The gorgeous Whimsical Wheelbarrow die set is another one which I can't stop creating pretty things with! The actual wheelbarrow is the showstopper for sure but you can also use the same die set to make cards, boxes, tags and pockets for cards or memory books. I've used the Pretty Petals die set along with this as it was released at the same time and it does complement the wheelbarrow beautifully. However, you can use those pretty little flowers on all sorts of things and you can also use other flowers such as the Flawless Flowers to decorate your cards made with the wheelbarrow set.

You can see how to make these in my video here

You can buy the die here - (affiliate links)

I created a little secret compartment for a gift under the floral panel.

I made the decorative background from the wheelbarrow side panels. The flower is from the Flawless Flowers collection.
I also made a little gift box/tray and pockets with tags.

Thursday 9 February 2023

Buzzing Beehive House Gift Box from Tonic Studios #affiliate


Isn't this just adorable? The same die set can be used to make a gorgeous little beehive or a house and you can see in my video how I've used the dies to make a 2D card with a house on it.

My beehive measures 9.5cm x 8.5cm at the widest point on the base and is 13.5cm tall. As a bonus, I also show you how to create wood effect card from Craft Perfect Classic card and some Nuvo products. I really loved making this and didn't want to post my sample off!

You can buy the die set here(affiliate links)

Tuesday 7 February 2023

Scribble Frames, Friendship Frames and Flora & Fauna Friends from Tonic Studios #affiliate

Hello :) Today I'm sharing 4 beautiful die sets which you can use separately or together. I thought that both sets of Scribble Frames lent themselves to some mixed media fun so I enjoyed using some of Tonic's Nuvo products on them. I really did enjoy making this video and I hope you enjoy watching.

You can see my video here

Please let me know if you enjoy this type of thing, if you make mixed media cards or if you just like to watch along :)

You can buy these die sets here (affiliate links)

I enjoyed these so much!!
Now you can see lots of photos :)