Thursday 29 September 2022

Golden Sunrise Stamp Club from Tonic Studios #affiliate

The Golden Sunrise Stamp Club has an A5 Stamp set and an A5 Die set which you can use together or separately to create unique cards and craft projects.
I've made 2 completely different cards and I have only used a fraction of the actual elements from the set. The beautiful large sunray effect dies are amazing and would look fab with just a sentiment printed in the centre.

You can buy the Stamp Club here - (affiliate links)

You can see how to make both of these cards in my video here -

Let me know what you think and what you might make with this - I'd love to hear :)

In this video I have used the following Tonic products (affiliate)
Golden Sunrise Stamp Club

Tuesday 20 September 2022

Tonic Craft Kit 60 - Time Spent with Friends MEMORY BOOK! (with video link) #affiliate


It's the 20th of the month , so time for another kit launch from Tonic :)

If you're a fan/collector of Memory Books, you'll love this one! I've been listening to comments on my YouTube channel where lots of people have told me that they'd like to see how to incorporate other kits and die sets with the new launches, so I have also used dies from kit 59 (Clocks and Cogs).

You can buy the kit here

UK -


This fab kit has all the dies which you'll need to make a beautiful memory book. I've made 2 completely different styles of books. One uses the side lacing type of binding the pages together and the other is a series of folded and cut die shapes similar to a gatefold with pockets. I hope you like them both.

You can see my full video here


Tuesday 13 September 2022

Drawing Flowers with Nuvo Drops


You may used Nuvo Drops in their many forms (Crystal, Glitter, Jewel, Stone, Vintage, Aroma, Dream Drops etc) to add finishing touches to your cards and craft projects, but have you used them as the focal point?
I love to use them to decorate little pieces of nature such as pebbles, shells and driftwood. In this video I show you how I draw simple roses, daisies, and other flowers, leaves and berries. I hope you enjoy this and, if you haven't tried it before, I hope you are inspired to try it.

Don't forget to let me know what you think :) I'll post some more videos showing other ideas with Nuvo Drops soon.

I have used the following

Nuvo Drops Crystal Drops UK - USA - Glitter Drops UK – USA – Vintage Drops UK - USA - Aroma Drops UK – USA - Nuvo Deluxe adhesive UK – USA - Deluxe Adhesive Precision Tips UK - USA - Craft Perfect Jute Twine UK - USA -

Thursday 8 September 2022

Little Star Gift Box #affiliate

This fab Little Star Gift Box die set is the latest Showcase die set. The dies can be used to make a gift box with 5 little drawers but you can also use them to make a hanging ornament as I have done here as well as cards or gift tags, festive bunting etc. You can see how to make the gift box and the hanging star in my video here

Leave me a little comment and let me know if you liked this set. :)

You can buy the Little Star Gift Box die set here (affiliate links)

Monday 5 September 2022

Making Ice Bowls (video)


I love ice bowls!! They are so easy to make and look so pretty. I also love flowers and fruit so I really do enjoy the whole process of picking the flowers or preparing the fruit and making the bowls. It doesn't take very long and if you keep them in a cool shaded place when you're using them and pop them back into the freezer when you've served the fruit salad/ice cream, you'll be able to re freeze and re use.

You can see my video here -

I've used summer flowers and fruit for these but you can also use Christmas foliage and berries for a festive bowl.
I usually don't place the ice cream or fruit directly into the ice bowl but instead pop it into a smaller glass bowl which I place in the ice bowl. This is simply because I like to re use the bowl but if you only want it for a single use you can skip this :)
I hope you enjoy this :)
Please let me know if you've ever made one or if you think you will:)
Thanks so much for watching :)

Saturday 3 September 2022

Simply Shoe Box and Fancy Floral Frames #affiliate

Do you love shoes, or know someone else who does? This fab die set has all the components to make a pair of shoes and also the box!! These are my affiliate links to the die set UK - USA - There are 48 dies in the set and they can be used for 3D shoes, gift box etc but I had so much fun with this one! I made shoe shaped place name cards, bookmark, gift tag as well as had a shot at customising the shoes by creating "peep toes", "flatties", acrylic, faux leather etc. I think you'll really enjoy this set!

At the beginning of the video, I mention another die set - Fancy Floral Frames - but I decided to reserve it for my next video as this one was already becoming too long :) However, this set was created to complement the Shoe Box die set and includes 9 beautiful dies which can also be used to make cards, decorate scrapbook pages etc.
These are my affiliate links to the Fancy Floral Frames die set
Check it out in my next video here -

Faux leather flatties

Place name for wedding/party


Make a Splash! Tonic Stamp Club #affiliate

Hi :) I've been having a play with the Fintastic Stamp Club from Tonic Studios.

The possibilities with this set is almost endless! I've made 2 completely different cards using a combination of both the stamps and dies. I've coloured the stamped images with Nuvo alcohol markers.
I may just have let my imagination run a little wild on the second card but why not! lol
I've been listening to you and have incorporated some dies from another set - this time it's the Simply Shoe Box die set . Come back and see my video of that one later ;)

In this video I have used the following Tonic Studios products...(affiliate links)

Fintastic Stamp Club

Simply Shoe Box die set

TANGERINE A4 Die Cutting Machine and Plates