Sunday 28 June 2020

Some Pebble Art for the Garden

Another little addition to the border. I just added Mod Podge over the strawberries after I painted them but might cover the whole stone. .. and yes, I do have strawberries and parsley growing among the flowers in the border. If it fits, it sits!

Thursday 18 June 2020

Tonic Studios Designer's Choice No. 8 - Filigrees and Florals

Here are some things I made with the Tonic Studios Designer's Choice No. 8 die set. If you'd like to have a look or buy the die set from Tonic Studios you can check it out through my affiliate links here -
You can see a video showing what's in the set and how to make a few pretty little things on my YouTube channel here - UK -

Friday 12 June 2020

Goldfish Pebble Art - Derwent Paint Pens

It's a miserable day here so I'm using my Derwent Paint Pens to create something bright..I've varnished this with Mod Podge Ultra Spray (Gloss) which makes it usable outdoors but I'm not sure how it would last underwater. It's just in the water for the pic :)

Wednesday 10 June 2020

Tonic Studios Craft Kit 33 YouTube video link

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Hello again :) Can you believe it's time for some Christmas crafting already? Tonic Studios Craft Kit 33 is called White Wonderland and you can see some of what you'll find in it in the video. There will also be a 6x6 paper pad and a sticker which are not in my photos. This craft kit sold out completely a few days ago so this video is for inspiration only for those who either subscribe to the kits or those who were quick enough to catch it at launch. I've used a few things which are not included in the kit - white card, acetate and dimensional foam pads so I've added my affiliate links below to where you can subscribe for further kits and the other Tonic products and tools I've used in the video. Don't forget to subscribe to see more videos. Thanks for watching! :)
Affiliate links to products Tonic Studios Craft Kit subscriptions - Super Trimmer - Construction weight acetate - Craft Knife -

Tuesday 9 June 2020

Coming Soon - Tonic Studios Craft Kit 33 video

No photo description available.On my desk today - Tonic Studios Craft Kit 33 (White Wonderland).
The kit has already completely sold out but I'll be posting a video in the next couple of days for those who either subscribed or were quick enough to get their hands on it!

Making Ice Eggs

This started as a little nature craft idea for some of my great nieces and some little friends (Kaya, Lori, Eva, Lola, Maggie, Lily....) and anyone else who likes it! Try to use the eggs and keep as much of the shell intact as possible. Fill with colourful flowers and water, freeze! I left these over night and broke the shells off and they are so cute!

They melt easily so have a bowl full of ice cubes ready to make them last a little longer 🙂

Digital Scrapbooking

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One of the things I've been enjoying since using the Procreate app on my iPad is using lots of my photos to create digital scrapbook pages.
I've used a background photo of clematis seed heads from my Clematis Montana and added a main image of our little cutie, Nicco. The marigolds, bee and ivy leaves are also from our garden while the fir cones were found on a recent walk. I've also used a leaf stamp brush and a heart brush which I created for myself on the app.

Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature
The background on this page is a photo of some bark from a tree in the garden. The main image is a Turk's Cap Lily from our front garden. All of the other photos are also from photos taken in the garden recently - periwinkle, snails, bee,rose leaves and ivy and I've also used another leaf stamp brush which I created on the app.

Over the years I have taken and saved hundreds if not thousands of photos of interesting textures and images of nature - and now I can use them in my creative life!

Enjoying time with nature in the garden

A little home made treat for the birds today