Tuesday 29 November 2016

Craftworld, Belfast

Rachael - one of Santa's little helpers in Craftworld, Belfast today :)

Monday 28 November 2016

Canvas with Folk Art Rust Painted Finishes by Plaid

The gorgeous Folk Art Rust Painted Finishes from Plaid are really versatile and can be used on many different types of projects. They have a very realistic texture and colour and are perfect for cardmaking, scrapbooking and many other types of mixed media creations.
I've used it on this canvas to stencil with and also to paint objects with and I've shown the steps below how you can try this .

You will need:
8x8 canvas
Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint - Grotto, Glacier, Rich Black, White Adirondack
Folk Art Painted Finishes - Dark Rust and Light Rust
Plaid, Folk Art Stencil - New Backgrounds
stencil brush
fine paintbrush
2 sizes wooden hearts
Mod Podge Mod Melts
Mod Molds - Flowers, Wedding
Glue gun
Dovecraft dies - Dragonfly and Labels
corrugated cardboard
Jute twine
Mod Podge Extreme Glitter

How to make it:
 1.  Cover the canvas with streaks of Grotto, Glacier and Black Chalk Paint

 2. Randomly stencil with both the Light and Dark Rust Painted Finish.

3. Add some rust detail with a fine brush on the canvas and at opposite corners.

 4. Lightly paint the two tags with the white chalk paint.

5. Paint the two hearts with the black chalk paint.

6. Add the light and dark rust to the black

 7. Make flowers from the Mod Melts and Molds.

 8. Paint with the Grotto chalk paint and rust finish.

9. Make little hearts from the other moulds and paint with rust finish.

10. Glue the hearts to the tags, add a few loops of twine. Glue the flowers on top. Die cut the label shape, lightly paint with Grotto chalk paint and glue to the left side of the large heart with the Mod Melt hearts on top.

11. Tear a strip of corrugated card to fit across the canvas. Paint lightly with white chalk paint and add a little rust at each side. Glue to the centre of the canvas.

12. Glue the assembled tags on top of the card strip  - slightly right of centre.

13. Die cut the dragonfly from card and paint with the rust paint and glue to the top left of the canvas.

14. When everything else is on the canvas you will have a better idea of where to add some white spots with the stencil.

15. Add some Extreme Glitter to the die cut dragonfly and glue the string from the tags onto the canvas.

Using Folk Art Concrete and Moss painted Finishes

I've been having a play with some super products from Plaid and wanted to show you how easy they are to use.

You will need:
Wooden house plaque
Folk Art Painted Finish - Dark Concrete
Folk Art Painted Finish - Light Concrete
Folk Art Painted Finish - Dark Moss
Folk Art Painted Finish - Light Moss
Mod Melts
Mod Molds - Flowers
Mod Molds - Ornaments
Mod Molds - Wedding
Folk Art Chalk Paint
Glue Gun

 1. Paint the wooden house with a generous coat of the Dark Concrete Painted Finish.

 2. Use the Mod Melts to make 2 borders. Leave to cool. (5-7 mins)

 3, Use a little of the Melt from the gun to attach the borders to  the eaves and paint with the Dark Concrete.

 4. Make 2 little birds with the Mod Melts.

 5. Glue the birds to the house.

6.  Dab on some of the Light Concrete. Leave to dry.

 7. Dab on some of the Light Moss. Leave to dry.

 8. Add some Dark Moss in smaller areas on top of the Light Moss.

 9. Make some flowers and leaves with the Mod Melts and Molds. Paint with Chalk Paint and glue (with the Mod Melts) to  the bottom of the house.

Friday 25 November 2016

Demo at Fagans, Mullingar next week - Sat 3rd December

 Hi :) I'll be demoing some beautiful new papers and dies from Trimcraft at Fagans, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath next week (Sat 3rd Dec). These are some of my samples using the Storyteller papers (where I got the idea of making a "book" ) and also the Simply Creative "Country Garden papers with the Garden and Screen dies.
I'll be using lots more and will post more detail early next week.
I'm really looking forward to being back with the ladies in Mullingar and really hope some of you will be able to come along too :)

Thursday 24 November 2016

How to make a 6x6 Twist and Pop card with Trimcraft Storyteller papers

I've used the gorgeous new 12 x 12 "Storyteller" paper pad from Trimcraft to make this 6x6 Twist and Pop card featuring some Sweets dies in the centre.

You will need ;
Dovecraft 6x6 Daisy Embossed card
Trimcraft First Edition "Storyteller" 12 x 12 paper pad
Trimcraft First Edition dies - Sweets
Simply Creative 10mm gems - Rainbow
Trimcraft First Edition Premium Dyed Textured Cardstock (12x12)
Dovecraft Glitter Glue
Dovecraft Premium A4 white card
Dovecraft Crafters Glue
Dovecraft Permafix tape
Die cutting machine

How to make it:
 1. Take a piece of 12 x 12 double sided paper and trim to 29cm x 26cm. Then with the paper in the same position,measure in 5.5cm from each side at the top and bottom as shown and cut up to 11.5cm  with a craft knife or trimmer.

 2. Score and fold across the centre of the paper at 14.5cm on the long side. Then measure 4.5cm up from the points shown and score and fold diagonally from point to point. All score lines should cross in the centre.

 3. Bring the two narrow pieces at the sides in towards the centre and score flat.

4. Put  short lengths of Permafix tape as shown in the photo - just up to the fold line.

 5. Cut a piece of double sided paper to 28cm x 7.5cm. Score and fold at 7cm, 14cm and 21cm.

 6. Fold the strip in half and line up the centre with the intersection of the folds. Remove the backing from the tape on the top right and stick down.

7. Then fold over the left half and stick to the Permafix tape.

8. Put glue around the edges of the top of the folded piece...

 9. ..and stick in position in the card with the centre of the folded part in the fold of the card.

 10. Put glue on the other side and fold the card over to stick down.

 11. Cut 4 pieces of purple card measuring 6cm x 6.5cm and glue to the centre of the four folded pieces across the centre.

 12. Die cut the sweet and jar shapes and glue to the card. Add a piece  white card (9.5cm x 7cm) layered onto a piece of 10cm x 7.5cm purple card and glue to the bottom of the card. 

13. Layer an 11.5cm x 11.5cm piece of patterned paper onto a 12cm x 12 cm piece of purple card and glue to the centre of the card front.

14. Attach 4 large gems to the corners of the panel. Cut a strip of purple paper from the 12 x 12 pad 4cm wide and fold around the card. The cut a strip of patterned paper from the 12 x 12 paper pad measuring 3cm wide. Fold this around the wider purple strip and glue in place. NB - this will not meet in the middle.

15. Layer a piece of 7cm x 5cm patterned paper onto a piece of 7.5cm x 5.5cm and glue to the band around the card - joining the band together. Die cut the Love You and glue to a purple punched circle and glue to the strip