Tuesday 28 May 2019

Gift Bags - Dovecraft "Happy You" (Trimcraft) tutorial

As it's almost end of term, this is an idea for making little gift bags for teachers. You can pop gifts inside the cello bags before sealing.

To make these you'll need the following:
 Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" 8x8 paper pad
 Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" Ribbon
 Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" Paper Flowers
 Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" Mini Bows
 Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" Rose Gold Buttons
 Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" Photo Frames
 Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" Sequins
 Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" Puffy Stickers
Dovecraft Craft Sticks
Dovecraft Clear Cello Bags
Dot & Dab double sided tape
Dot & Dab Tacky Glue

How to make them;
 1. To cover 3 bags, cut 6 pieces of patterned paper (2 each of 3 patterns) measuring 9cm x 17cm.

 2. Attach the paper to the fronts and backs of the bags with double sided tape.

 3. Add double sided tape across the tops, then roll over twice and stick down.

 4. For the double gift bag set, push a craft stick through the tops of the bags to hold firmly together.

 5. Fold a 20 cm x 10 cm piece of patterned paper in half and make a 1 cm slit in the centre at the top. Make a loop of ribbon and push through the slit.

 6. Add double sided tape along the long edges and one strip below the fold.

 7. Attach the gift bags as shown.

 8. Repeat for the single gift bag.

 9. Cover the back of a photo frame with patterned paper and add double sided tape across the top (on the reverse).
 10. Die cut "Thank You" from white card.

11. Glue the die cut to the frame and attach the frame to the top band. Add a paper flower, sequins and buttons.

12. On the single bag, glue the frame to the bag, glue the die cut in the centre, add a puffy heart sticker and button. Glue a mini bow below the ribbon loop.

Monday 27 May 2019

Tutorial - Z fold card with Dovecraft "Secret Garden" collection from Trimcraft

This card has been made with the Dovecraft "Secret Garden" collection from Trimcraft.

I thought the little wooden fence and sign were almost too beautiful to use!

You'll need these supplies
A4 white card
Dovecraft Secret Garden 6x6 paper pad
Dovecraft Secret Garden Puffy Stickers
Dovecraft Secret Garden Mini Bunting
Dovecraft Secret Garden Wooden Shapes
Dovecraft Secret Garden Flower Pearls
Dovecraft Secret Garden Sentiment Toppers
 Dovecraft Secret Garden Cuttng Dies
Simply Creative Mini Bows
Dot & Dab Tacky Glue
Dot & Dab Glue Runner
Dovecraft Crystal Glitter Glue

How to make it - 
 1. Score and fold the A4 card in half on the long side, then score and fold the front in half. Cut off 6 cm from the bottom of the card, then cut this in half as shown.

 2. Cut paper to fit the panels as shown.

3. Cut a piece of patterned paper to 6cm x 13.5cm and attach to the left panel.

4. Add  adhesive to the areas outlined in red and attach to the areas marked in red and repeat on the other strip.

 5. Die cut the sentiment and glue to the front. Glue the sign above the open area and add the fence with a puffy sticker at the edge of the first fold as shown.

You can see the full card made on YouTube here

Saturday 25 May 2019

Pebble Art

 I painted some pebbles late last night for these little cuties (3 of my great nieces). We were going to Portrush today on a Sunday School outing and the idea was that they could hide them for someone else to find. Well, the girls had other ideas and the pebbles came back home again with them tonight!
Lots of Mod Podge Mega Glitter (Plaid Crafts) and then some edding makers. A good day was had by all.

Lola, Kaya and Lori

Friday 24 May 2019

"Happy You" Heart easel card tutorial and YouTube video

Dovecraft Premium"Happy You" -  Rose gold, coral and white! Another beautiful collection from Trmcraft :)

To make this card you'll need :
A4 white card
Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" 6x6 paper pad
Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" Sentiment Toppers
Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" Mini Bows
Dovecraft Premium "Happy You"Sequins
Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" Paper flowers
Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" Washi Tape
Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" Rose Gold Buttons
 Trimcraft First Edition Nesting Heart Dies FEDIE304
Dot & Dab Tacky Glue
Dot & Dab Foam Tape

 How to make it
1. Glue a 14.5cm square of patterned paper onto a 15cm square of white card.

2. Place the top of the largest heart die just above the fold of a 13cm square white card base and cut out to create a heart shaped card.

3. Score and fold the top heart in half across the centre.

4. Cut another 2 large hearts, one from white card and the other from patterned paper. Glue the patterned paper onto the white card. then glue the bottom half of this to the bottom folded part of the folded card. This forms the easel card.

5. Glue the bottom of the card diagonally to the top corner of the 15cm square base.

6. Cover the inside of the card with another patterned die cut heart. Die cut the next size down  from patterned paper and glue on top of the card front, then add a sentiment topper on top.

7. Make a little stopper from the smallest heart in white card and add to the base of the easel on foam tape.

8. Add a strip of washi tape along the two side edges of the base.

9. Glue a rose gold button to the stopper.

10. Glue 3 paper roses to the top left of the sentiment topper with a mini bow just behind.

11. Glue a few sequins randomly around the card.

You can see a video of this on my channel

Wednesday 15 May 2019

Watermelon shoes - edding textile pens

It's that time of year when canvas pumps are everywhere so why not customise your own with edding Textile pens. I've used edding 4600 textile pens and hope you might like to try it too :) Enjoy!


Mr & Mrs - Silver "Mod Podge" Mega Glitter from Plaid Crafts

 I've been painting with Mod Podge Mega Glitter from Plaid Crafts today and I think I might need my sunglasses  If you need some sparkle, it's right inside this bottle!

Base coat with white chalk paint

Cover with 3 coats of Mega Glitter, leaving to dry between each layer.
Add gems to the top left of each letter.

Saturday 11 May 2019

Tonic Studios Craft Kit 22 inspiration - YouTube

 Hi  I've just posted a video to my YouTube channel showing how I made this die cut and embossed card with Tonic Studios Craft Kit 22 

You can see it here - https://youtu.be/RTHZkT5fMGk