Monday 14 May 2018

Unicorn with Foam Clay mane

Foam Clay is a really easy product to use and sticks to itself and to the surface being covered.
I've used the bright colours here to make the mane for a unicorn. 

You will need:
Papier Mache Unicorn Head
White paint
Folk Art Extreme Glitter Paint - Gold  
Foam Clay - pink, purple, yellow, lime green, black and white and Blue Glitter Foam Clay

How to make it:
 1. Paint the unicorn head with white paint. It may take two coats.

 2. When the white paint has dried, paint the horn with 3 coats of Gold Extreme Glitter Paint.

3. Have the tubs of Foam Clay ready to use.

 4. Make this sausage shapes with the Foam Clay, starting with one for behind the ear and then make the next ones slightly longer. Simply press them lightly onto the surface of the unicorn and bend slightly to create a little "movement". 

 5. Take a little black Foam Clay and make 2 eye shapes and 2 nostrils. Press into place. Add a little dot of white in each eye.

 6. Continue on the other side of the unicorn's head.

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