Monday 9 September 2019

Setacolor Fabric Paint - Pebeo (different fabrics)

 When I started using the Setacolor Fabric Paints from Pebeo a while back I tried them on different fabrics to see what the results would be like. You can see here how they looked on hessian, denim and faux leather - I'm really pleased!

 I painted a freehand leaf shape on the faux leather with Olive Opaque (83).

 Then I added some Cinnamon (93) and Brick Shimmer Opaque (63)

Next I added more detail with Chocolate (88)  and White (10)

 I used Raspberry Opaque (81), Oriental Red Shimmer (64) and Purple Shimmer (65) with Olive opaque (83) for the Rose on denim.

I used Buttercup Opaque(13) with Brick Shimmer (63), Chocolate (88) and Olive (83) for the Sunflower on hessian.

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