Saturday 16 September 2017

To make a fairy house frame - Plaid Crafts

I've been having a play with some cute little Folk Art mini stencils from Plaid and have used them with some Folk Art Chalk Paint and Moss Painted Finishes to decorate a little box frame.

To make this you will need:
3D frame 17cm x 17cm Empress Tree
Folk Art Chalk Paint  - Oatmeal, Spanish Moss, Sheepskin, Victorian Lace, Imperial
Folk Art Painted Finishes - Concrete, Moss (light and dark in both)
Folk Art stencils - Garden (59794) and Fairy Signs (59813)
Set of battery lights (12)
Simply Creative "Go Wild" 12 x 12 paper pad
Simply Creative silver pearls (3mm and 6mm)
Dovecraft A4 acetate
cream card 
Craft knife
double sided tape
3D foam squares
PVA glue
Hot glue gun
Drill / tool to create hole in back of wooden frame

How to make it:
1. Using the Oatmeal paint on a sponge/stencil brush, stencil the fairy door onto the wood patterned paper from the Go Wild paper pad. Add some light concrete paint to the stones around the door and then add some detail on top with the dark concrete effect. Stencil the stones around the windows in the same way. Remove the window areas carefully with a craft knife.

2. Cut a piece of wood effect paper measuring 12.5cm x 14cm and set the door and windows on top. Mark where the window openings are and remove these from the paper with a craft knife.

3. Glue the windows in place and add the door with 3D foam squares.

4. Cut a piece of acetate to cover the back of the window and door openings and secure in place with double sided tape.

5. Paint the inside of the frame with Spanish Moss chalk paint and add some light and dark Moss painted finish detail. 
NB You can paint the back of the frame with the same paint at this stage if you want a dark inside (I have tried both of these and both work well).

6. Cut 2 strips of card measuring 13.5cm x 4cm. Score and fold down the centre and cut little V shaped pieces out along the length.

7. Drill a small hole in the centre at the bottom of the back of the frame ( wide enough to thread the lights through).Glue the card strips by one edge to the top and bottom of the inside of the frame as shown.

8. Thread the lights through the hole in the back of the frame and glue around the edge of the frame with a hot glue gun.

 9. Add the paper with the door and windows on top of the curved card with glue.Add detail around the door and windows with the light and dark moss painted finish.

10. Paint the outer frame with Sheepskin chalk paint, then stencil the flowers with Imperial and Victorian Lace chalk paint. Add detail around the frame with the light and dark moss painted finish.

11. Stencil the small sign and then the "Fairy Garden" onto wood effect paper and cut out. Roll a little cylinder of wood effect paper to create a post and glue to the back of the sign. Add some detail with the chalk paint and moss painted finish.

12. Add some pink and red detail to the moss. Glue the Fairy Garden sign to the bottom right of the frame and some silver pearls to the door knob and hinges.

13. Cut 5 pieces of cream card measuring 2cm x 1.5cm and cut a little V shapes out to create a bunting shape. Glue to the twine and glue across the top of the frame.

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