Monday 11 September 2017

Foxford Woollen Mill, Foxford, Co. Mayo

 When I was at the Linen Green in Dungannon on Saturday I saw the Foxford Woollen Mill Shop and remembered that I hadn't posted the photos which I took of the actual mill itself in Foxford, Co. Mayo a few weeks ago.
You can see some more of the yarn bombing from my last post at the entrance :)

 A lovely, quaint greenhouse at the front of the mill with lavender outside.

 I just loved this quirky idea of planting seedlings in some of the old shuttles!

I have always had a fascination for finding out how things are made so was delighted to get inside  - unfortunately, as it was Saturday, the machinery wasn't operating but we had a great explanation of all the workings etc from one of the staff. I was so impressed hearing about the origins and the modern day workings of the mill. 

 Inside  the beautiful mill shop - 

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