Monday 25 April 2016

Tonic Studios - Twisting Veranda easel card tutorial

The Twisting Veranda Layering die set from Tonic Studios has 11 dies in the pack, some of which cut out a solid shape and others which cut out the pattern only (verso). I've used dies from this set to make this easel card and you can see the steps in making it below.

You will need:
Tonic Studios Twisting Veranda die set
Tonic Studios Delicate Daisy die set
Tonic Studios Sew Pretty "Have a Beautiful Day" die set
Tonic Studios Filigree Flourish die set
Funky Glue
3D foam squares
white card
black card
pink card
die cutting machine

How to make it:

1. Score and fold a piece of white A4 card in half and place the outline die which is 3rd from the outside in the set on top. Secure with masking tape so that all of the die is on the card except for a little section at the top.

2. Pass the card and die through your die cutting machine and when you remove it, it will look like this.

3. Score down the centre of one of the shapes.

4. Fold in half to give the easel base.

 5. Using the same outline die, cut another shape in white card and one in black.

 6. Take the corresponding size of "verso" die (the one which only cuts the pattern) and tape it on top of the white die cut. Pass through the die cutting machine.

 7. Take the next smallest verso die, tape on top and pass through the machine.

8. Finally repeat the last step with the next smallest verso die from the set.

9. Take the small outline die which fits inside the last step and cut out two shapes - one black and one white.

 10. Using the corresponding verso die cut the pattern into the black shape and glue this piece directly on top of the white shape. Attach this to the centre of the card with 3D foam squares.

11. Spread glue on the front folded part of the easel and attach the die cut panel on top so that the bottom of the panel is glued to the folded part of the easel as shown.

12. Die cut "Have a Beautiful Day" from white and black card.

 13. Glue the white sentiment on top of the black one, offsetting slightly to create a shadow effect and glue to the centre of the card.

14. Cut two more of the smaller solid shapes from black and white.

15. Add the pattern in the centre of the black one with the small verso die. Glue the black shape onto the white shape and attach to the bottom of the card with 3D foam squares to act as a stopper for the easel. Die cut the Filigree Flourish shape shown from black card and snip in half. Glue the halves to each side of the base beside the stopper.

16. Decorate with flowers made from the Entwining Trellis " Delicate Daisy set.

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  1. What a beautiful card Ruth. And thank you for the tutorial.
    x Jan


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