Monday 24 July 2023

Tonic Studios "Today's Treasures" Memory Book Step by Step (& video link) #affiliate


It's DAY 1 of the Tonic Studios Birthday 2023 Week and there will be amazing launches all week as well as free gifts and giveaways.

These are my affiliate links to the website

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The first launch of the week is a fantastic memory book die set!!

In this Step by Step Blog Post I show you how to make a memory book from scratch (the one on the left in the first photo) but you can also see how I made a different memory book using the same die set in my video here 

The fabulous “Today’s Treasures” Memory Book die set has 71 dies (2x A4 sheets) and you can use it to create 3 different sized handbag themed books.

You can buy the set here (affiliate links)

This is the complete die set and you can use the dies to make holes for threading ribbon through to join the pages. In this example I have used the Simple Spines die.

Simple Spines

I am using some card from the Burgundy Blossom Bundle along with some Craft Perfect 300gsm white Smooth White card for the cover, pages and tags.

Burgundy Blossom Bundle

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You will also need Venetian Gold Mirror card


Large Craft Magnets

3D foam pads


The gorgeous new Mulberry Wine paper pack. 

UK –


How to Make it

1. Die cut 2 of the largest die, leaving 4.25cm of card attached after the notch as shown. Score and fold both pieces between the notches. 

2.  Die cut the spine and trim to fit inside the book covers (10.75 long). Fold all the score lines and glue the ones with the marks to create a spine. Glue to the inside flap of the back cover and then adhere the front spine over the top.

3. Use the same die to cut 2 more pieces the same and trim both of these down as shown. Adhere to the inside front and back covers.

4. Cut out the die shown on the left leaving 4cm extra at the top. Fold along where the top of the die stops and then at 1.5cm from the top.

Die cut the outline die on the right from Venetian Gold card and paper piece the flowers back with Aubergine card.


5. Punch a hole at 1cm from each side on the area between the front flap and the glue tab. Add a length of ribbon and glue in behind.

6. Glue a 12cm x 2cm strip of Aubergine card across the top fold to cover the ribbon. Cover the front and back panels with a raspberry panel.

7. Cut trim and adhere the white and Aubergine panels shown to the base of the front and adhere 2 gold corners in place, just overlapping the bottom corners of the other pieces.

8. Die cut the shapes above in the quantities and colours shown.


9. Sandwich and adhere a Large Craft Magnet between the 2 die cuts shown.

10. Glue a stack of 4 holed lock die cuts together and adhere the stack to the magnet sandwich

11. Create a stack of 2 latch die cuts and 3 of the circular die cuts , as shown. Glue to the underside of the latch.

12. Sandwich and adhere a Large Craft Magnet along with the gold circular circle die cut as shown.

13. Deboss the initial dies into the gold rectangle (one at a time) and glue to the top of the latch.

14. Snap the magnetic latch together, position on to your book, then adhere the lock to the base and the latch to the front flap. Allow the glue to dry fully before opening and closing the magnetic lock.

15. Die cut the sentiment from gold card and the backing plate from white card. Glue together and attach to the Aubergine card with 3D foam pads.

16. Fussy cut some flowers from the paper pack and adhere above the sentiment. Die cut 2 Sea Salt corners, snip and glue in as leaves behind the flowers.

17. Die cut 6 white page dies (smaller than the front cover and trim level with the notches as shown.

18. Glue these together and glue over the page tabs of the spine.

19. Use the 2 dies shown to cut plain and patterned panels and adhere these to each side of all the pages.

PAGE 1. Die cut the larger die from white card and trim. Die cut the outline shape below from Aubergine card and both dies together from gold card. Later these and attach to the first page (top) with glue around the bottom and sides to form a pocket.

PAGE 2. Using the dies shown attach a photo mat and add the sentiment above on 3D foam pads. Fussy cut flowers and glue to the bottom right of the photo mat, leaving space to place a photo in behind the flowers.

PAGE 3. Use both dies shown to create a frame and the bigger one to die cut a vellum panel. Glue the vellum behind the frame and add a row of adhesive foam/ 3D foam pads. Reserve the centre die cut to make a tag.

Use the little die shown to create a tab for the tag and add ribbon. Glue a fussy cut flower to the bottom left corner of the tag.

15.  Cut out 2 panels with the bigger die shown and adhere together at the top. Cut a panel of patterned paper with the smaller die and glue on the front. Add a 9.5cm x 1.5cm strip of Aubergine card across the top.

This will fit over the strip across the page. 

PAGE 5. Adhere 2 gold corners to the bottom of the page and adhere a fussy cut flower and short ribbon loop to a white die cut tag.

PAGES 6 & 7. Using the 2 dies shown cut out a white panel and a patterned panel. Layer these together and cut in half. Add a narrow strip of Aubergine card down the opening. Attach one as a pocket on the left of page 6 and the other on the right side of page 7.

PAGE 8. Die cut the larger shape shown 2 times from white card, trimming at the end of the die. Score and fold at the notches. Adhere the folded parts to the back of an 11cm x 7cm piece of white card and glue to the centre of the inside cover. Die cut the smaller panels 4 times from patterned paper and glue to the inside and outside left and right panels. Punch a small hole in each and add ribbon. Cover the ends of the ribbon with 2 gold circles on the inside.

Making the tassel –

1. Die cut this die from Aubergine card. Roll up with a quilling tool and glue the end.

2. Glue the tassel at the head to hold the shape and glue the circle part of the wrap over the tassel head. 

3. Fold and glue down the wrap die cut and glue the long rectangle around the tassel.

Fold and glue the hook to the top of the tassel and cover this with the cap die cut.

4. Attach the ribbon to the handle with a length of ribbon.

5. Die cut the tassel die once more and snip to fit across the top of the book at the back. Glue in place.

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