Friday 28 July 2023

Special Delivery Post Box Tutorial- Tonic Studios #affiliate

It's Day 5 of Tonic's Birthday Week and today's launch is the amazing Special Delivery Post Box!
You can buy the die set here (affiliate links)

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In this Step by Step Blog Post I'll show you how to make the post box below but you can also see how to make another post box and how to create a stand for a post box in my video here

There are also little dies which you can use to make cute little letters. These would be amazing additions to memory books :)

The Special Delivery Post Box has 39 dies and 25 stamps. 
(affiliate links)

I’m using some of the card from the Winter Green Bundle (above) to make my Post Box.


I have also used 
Red Berry Crystal Drops and 
Red Polka Dot Gros Grain Ribbon

How to Make the Post Box

1. Die cut 1 Top Panel and 3 Front/Back panels from Misty Grey card. Fold back and burnish all the glue tabs on the Top Panel.

2. Die cut the long plain panel from Silver Screen Glitter card and then tape the decorative panel onto one side of this panel and die cut.

3. Move the die to the opposite side of the panel and die cut again.

4. Die cut the plain panel from Flourishing Green card and glue the silver glitter panel on top.

5. Glue this onto the Misty Grey Top Panel.

6. Adhere the Top Panel to one of the Front/Back panels, making sure to place the glue tabs on the outside.

7. Cover the tabs with the second Front/Back panel.

8. Position the Front/ Back Panel die over the die cut and tape the Door Die in place.

9. Remove the Front/Back Panel die, leaving the Door Die in place and die cut. 

10. Die cut the 2 outline dies shown from Flourishing Green card and then use the same dies together with the detail dies to cut out the silver glitter shapes and glue these on top of the corresponding pieces.

11. Die cut one base panel from Misty Grey card.

12. Align the Base with the decorative edge of the Front/Back Panel and glue it to both the Top Panel and the Front/Back Panel using the glue tabs.

13. Glue the patterned panels in place on the front of the Post Box.

14. To hold the door in place, die cut a Scalloped Edge from Flourishing Green card and glue on the inside as shown.

15. Die cut the 3 pieces shown above from Flourishing Green card.

16. Fold the Lock to form a loop and glue the tabs in place.

17.  Secure the hook in place through the hole using a brad/split pin.

18. Decorate with foliage cut from a combination of different shades of green card, add a polka dot bow at the top and Red Berry Crystal Drops on the berries.

Stamp and trim “MAIL” from the “YOU HAVE MAIL” stamp and adhere to the Post Box. Die cut and assemble a group of little envelopes.



  1. I love it! using the tower piece to make a pedestal is genius!!! how did you attach it to the post box? I think those are going to be my Christmas gifts to my neighbors this year.

    1. Thanks very much. You can see at 26 mins ion my video -


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