Wednesday 26 July 2023

Beautiful Bevelled Star Gift Box Tutorial (Tonic Birthday Week) #affiliate


Today I'm sharing the Beautiful Bevelled Star Gift Box which is one of Tonic's 2023 Birthday Week launches. This amazing die set has 30 dies which can be used to make a star box with a flat lid or as the name suggests a box with a beautiful bevelled lid. 

You can see the full photo tutorial of how to make this below but you can also see how to make this and another box in my video here

You can also use the same dies to make cards, 3D Christmas decorations and gift tags.

These are my affiliate links to Tonic's Birthday week launches

                                                      UK -

You can buy the die set here (affiliate links)

Beautiful Bevelled Star Gift Box die set

UK –


I've chosen to use the Minty Christmas Bundle shown here along with some Craft Perfect Smooth White 300gsm card
Minty Christmas Bundle (affiliate links)

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How to Make it

1. To create the base of the box, die cut 6 box side panels and 2 small star bases from white card.

2. Die cut the coordinating decorative panel with the star in the centre from Water Sprite Iridescent Mirror card 6 times and glue these onto the sides.

3. Fold all the score lines and then glue each side panel to its adjoining piece and then glue the bottom tabs to the bottom face of the small star base die cut.

4. Cover the glue tabs with the other small star base die cut.

5. To create the lid, die cut 6 white lid sides from white card.

6. Die cut the little strip shown above 12 times and glue to the lid sides. Adhere the sides to each other by the small glue tabs.

7. Die cut a large star lid from Water Sprite card.

8. Glue the bottom tabs to the face of the large star lid. You can then cover the exposed glue tabs with the bevelled star.

9. To create the bevelled top for the lid, die cut 6 bevelled points from white card, die cutting the pattern into both sides of each point at the same time. Fold all the score lines

10. Attach all 6 die cuts by gluing the smaller tab to the adjacent bevelled point die cut.

11. Use double sided tape to adhere the remaining tabs to the underneath of the small star base.

12. Attach this directly onto the lid so that the Water Sprite card is visible. Use a few dots of glue on the points along with the double sided tape to create a stronger bond.  

13. Die cut some foliage and red berries and attach to the top of the lid with a hot glue gun. Add dimension to the berries with Red Berry Crystal Drops.

14. Finally line the box with small star cut from Water Sprite card.

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