Thursday 27 July 2023

Tonic Studios Birthday Week ADVENT TOWN #affiliate

The beautiful Advent Town die set contains 68 dies which you can use to create exquisite buildings and trees. As the name suggests, you can fill them with advent treats.

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In this Step by Step Blog Post I’ll be making the smaller house but you can then make the bigger building in the same way. You can see how to make the bigger building in the photo above in my video here

You can also adapt the die cuts to make a taller building and you can see how to do that in my 2nd video here - 

I have used the Peacock Bundle to make this set

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How to Make it

1. Die cut Main Panel x 2, Side Panel x 2, Base/Side Panel x 2, Small Panel x 4.

2. Die cut the doors into one of your Main Panel die cuts.

3. Fold each of the 4 Small Panels and burnish. Glue the ends together to form tubes.

4. Use both dies shown together to create a decorative panel and adhere to the top of the front Main Panel.

5. Paper piece different colours into the decorative panel.

6. Use the 3 dies shown to make a little clock and adhere to the panel.

7. Die cut the door front decorative panels from mirror card, the mini ovals from Mauve Purple card and the numbers from glitter card and adhere to the doors.

8. Die cut 2 rectangles, then use the same die along with the window and brick die with mirror card. Adhere together (making sure that the glue tab is at the top on one and the bottom on the other) and paper piece some gold glitter card into the bricks and below the windows.

9. Adhere all of the folded and glued Small Panels around the window and door cut outs on the reverse.

10. Adhere all of the Base/Side Panels to the Main Panel.


11. Glue the remaining Main Panel to the back.

12. Die cut the long quoin stones from gold glitter card and snip top fit down both sides of the front panel beside the doors.

13. Die cut the 2 panels shown and trim to fit over the top of the box and the shaped area at the top.

14. Die cut 6 tree shapes, 6 debossed panels, 1 hexagon and 6 base shapes. Adhere the debossed panels to the tree sides.

15. Take the 6 tree die cuts and fold along the fold lines. Glue all 6 die cuts together.

16. Glue all 6 base dies cuts together.

17. Glue the finished base to the hexagon and this little compartment forms a gift box with the tree acting as the lid.


You can then make more buildings, including the bigger size, in the same way and add more trees to create an Advent Village.

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