Monday 23 March 2015

Colouring "Adrift" with Promarkers - for Mary

This is for Mary - sorry I forgot to get back to you:(
These are the colours I used for the "Adrift" stamp.
1. I used Marsh Green for the dress and boat. Then added shading with Olive Green.
I used Olive Green with the fine nib to get the "wood" effect on the boat.
The flowers are Pastel Beige and Marsh Green.The hat is Ivory, Marsh Green, Olive Green and  little Walnut.The flowers on the dress are Ginger.
I have coloured the first layer on the hair Ivory.
I used Almond and Dusky Pink for the face with Baby Pink for the cheeks and lips.

2. I then added Ginger to the hair.

3. Next I added Spice and then Burnt Orange.

4. Then some Walnut with a fine nib.

5. Lastly, I outlined the whole image with Tea Green.
In my hurry to take the photos I managed to get some Walnut Promarker on the card where I didn't want it (see the photo above) so I removed it with the Blender pen :)
I love my Blender pen :)


  1. Great pics to help those not yet comfortable with colouring, Ruth.

  2. Thanks a lot for this post. It is like an 101 on colouring! Great job!
    Cheers, Maya S. | Spring Cleaning Tooting

  3. Thanks a million Ruth for the posting the 'Adrift' with promarkers demo especially for me.
    Wow! Its fabulous. I am looking forward to using my own now that I know the colours to buy
    and the technique. Really appreciate this, you have made my day, regards Mary

    1. You're very welcome, Mary. I'll be posting more Promarker tutorials soon again so you might see something else you like :)


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