Friday 20 March 2015

Trinket box template and instructions

I made a little trinket box earlier for this week's Papermill offer and got lots of requests to show how I made it so I've added the template and instructions below for you to try.
This time I've used Papermill white hammered card.
The dies are from the Celtic Dream set by Tonic Studios.

Start with an A4 sheet of card..
1. Score it along the lines shown below, then cut off the areas marked by the diagonal lines.

 2. Cut into the 4cm folds at each side and then remove little slivers from each side of the 4cm x 4cm tabs. Round off the corners on the front fold.

3.Turn the "box" over so that the right side is facing upwards and tacky glue to the areas marked with an "x".

 4. Assemble box.

5. Cut out the diamond shaped die from the Tonic Studios Celtic Dream set.
This cuts a shape into the card - you'll need to cut around the outside edges.

6. Cut a strip from the same Celtic Dream die set.

 7. Glue the die cuts to the box and add pearls.


  1. Fabulous box Ruth and thank you for the template
    Dianne xx

  2. Brilliant template, thanks very much.

  3. I enjoyed making the box. I have bought some little velcro fasteners for it


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