Thursday 19 March 2015

Colouring the "Sofia" stamp with Promarkers

I've coloured the gorgeous Sofia stamp from Trimcraft's Belle and Boo collection with promarkers and taken photos of the steps.

What you need
smooth white card
black ink
Trimcraft Belle and Boo clear stamp  - Sofia
Promarkers - Almond, Dusky Pink, Pale Pink, Dusky Rose, Forest Green,  Ivory, Sandstone, Cinnamon, Walnut, Burnt Umber and Tea Green

For the pop up card I've used white card,Trimcraft Belle and Boo 6x6 paper pad and the Belle and Boo steel die set.

1. Stamp the image with black ink onto smooth white card.

2.Colour the face, arms and legs with the Almond Promarker.

3. Add  shading in the areas shown with the Dusky Pink and add colour to the cheeks with the Pale Pink.

4. Blend these shades together by going over the area again with the Almond Promarker.

 5. Colour the whole dress and the centres of  the flowers with Pale Pink.

 6. Add shading as shown (and a little to the lips) with the Dusky Rose Promarker - using the Ultra Fine Nib. 

7. Go over the whole dress again with the Pale Pink to blend together.

 8. Use the fine nib with the Forest Green Promarker for the stems and leaves of the flowers.

 9. Cover all the hair with the Ivory Promarker.

 10. Cover the area shown with Sandstone.

11. Repeat with  Cinnamon, Walnut and Burnt Umber, leaving the highlighted area in the centre and using less of each darker colour in the process.
Add the Burnt Umber on top with the fine nib.

12. Finally blend the whole hair area together with Ivory and define the outside of the entire stamped image with Tea Green.


  1. This is Mary from Mandels class, so excited to find instructions to color Sofia stamp. Now I can buy some promarkers and have a go at making this beautiful card. I have the Santoro Adrift stamp and would love to know what colors to buy for that too. Thankyou for all the wonderful ideas Ruth

    1. Thanks a million, Mary! I'm glad you liked the Promarkers. You'll be hooked now. I'll have look at the Adrift stamp in the morning and let you know the hair colours I used. I used Marsh Green for the boat, then I let it dry and added the wood effect with the fine nib on the same pen. I used Vanilla and Marsh Green on the hat.Hope that helps in the meantime :)

    2. Hi again Mary - I'm so sorry I forgot to get back to you with the colours you asked about - so I've done a quick post with it. It's here...
      Hope that helps, Ruth x


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