Tuesday 1 April 2014

Paperworks demo last Saturday

A great big thanks to everyone who came along to the demo on Saturday in Paperworks and a little explanation to those who have been in touch saying they were not able to get in just before lunch time.

Both the demo and the shop were very busy and I was really delighted to see folk who had travelled from quite a distance to join us for the day, both in the morning and also the others who joined us for the afternoon. I hope you enjoyed your day.

Unfortunately just before lunch time a lovely young lady who had been enjoying the demo took very unwell and the room had to be evacuated for a short time to give some privacy for medical attention. It was at this point that some of you arrived and were unable to get in but the lady's medical needs were top priority.We then had a lunch break and the demo resumed as scheduled in the afternoon.
I join with Heather and Mary from the shop and all the others who were at the demo in sending our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Again, I was too engrossed to take photos until I was packing up but here's a lovely one taken by Mary (Stewart) of me with Mary Treanor, who travelled from Monaghan to join us for the afternoon. We've had many chats on FB over the last few months but this was the first time we actually met :)

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