Saturday 19 April 2014

Belfast Castle this afternoon

A couple of hours with "the parents" was long enough for "the boys" so we dropped them off and decided to take a 5-10 minute trip down the road to Belfast Castle. No matter how many times I go there it always brings back so many childhood memories..
The present castle (there were 2 previous castles on the site) was completed in 1870 and the architecture is amazing. It sits 400 feet above sea level in the grounds of the Cavehill Country Park and has a fantastic view over Belfast Lough.
 As you can probably see there was a wedding party here so we walked quite a bit towards Napoleon's Nose and came back to take photos in the gardens when the bridal party had gone inside for their reception.

You can't miss all the references to the famous "Castle Cat"!


  1. Beautiful Ruth, I should of been born there as lady of the manor but would probably in reality be the scullery mail lol xx

  2. OMG,all those photos are wonderful!!!!!The place is amazing and I enjoyed every moment just watching them.Thank you for sharring! I wish you an extremly HAPPY EASTER ! hugs

  3. More awesome photos. What a beautiful castle that is ..thanks again for sharing.


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