Saturday 19 April 2014

Co. Armagh

We've taken a couple of days off to recharge our batteries and enjoy the good weather. I love our little country and take any opportunity I can get to travel around and explore. Yesterday it was Co. Armagh, orchard country. 
Of course, I had to drop in to Paperworks to see Heather and Mary on my way through - and that was the perfect excuse to have lunch in The Loft. If you've never been to the Linen Green in Dungannon you're missing a treat. I always enjoy my time demoing there and always join the very long queue for lunch at the Loft as it's well worth the indigestion when I rush back for the afternoon demo!
These photos were taken at Marlacoo Lake. It is idyllic and looks so peaceful - but you wouldn't believe how noisy the sheep and birds were!


  1. Great PIcs Ruth, I haven't seen the castle but it looks a super place to visit. Happy Easter to you, your family and all your followers.

  2. Hi Ruth what lovely photos thanks for sharing
    Mollie x

  3. Beautiful Photo's Ruth looks lovely. Alison xx

  4. Just being in a quiet place like this can be enough to find peace of mind! Beautiful!
    My 13 years old daughter is a fan of One Direction -famous British pop group!One of its member is NIALL HORAN ,from Ireland and he always says that this is the best country in the world! Does your boys like One Direction ?
    I can see (from your postings )how many beautiful places ,amazing views there are(on Pinterest ,too) I felt like sharring those with you and I hope you won't mind this! Hugs and cheers

  5. What a beautiful looking day with blue skies. You have a great eye for photos.


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