Wednesday 22 August 2018

Beach Life pull card TUTORIAL - Trimcraft

I've used the paper and embellishments from the Beach Life collection by Helz Cuppleditch for Trimcraft to make this little pull card.

You will need
Dovecraft A4 Luxury Heavyweight white card
Beach Life 8x8 paper pack
Beach Life 8x8 decoupage pad
Beach Life Character Topper
Beach Life Glitter Stickers
Beach Life Washi Tape
Beach Life Gems
Beach Life Wooden Frame
 Dot and Dab double sided tape
Dot and Dab Foam Tape

How to make the card:

 1. Select the By the Sea page from  the Decoupage pad and make up the image with 3D foam squares, leaving out the large main image (1)

 2. The completed decoupage element.

 3. Cut a piece of blue card measuring 20.5cm and a piece of bunting patterned paper measuring 20cm x 14cm . Attach the bunting paper to the blue card with double sided tape and then attach both the the front of the card.

 4. Glue the decoupage image to the oval frame.

 5. Cut a strip of white card measuring 23cm x 2cm. Score and fold at 1cm , 2cm , 3cm , 4cm and 5cm. The fold the card at right angles from the bottom of the 5cm score line to the top.

 6. Glue the right angle folded part together.

7. Attach a 20cm x 6.5cm strip of spotty paper to a 20.5cm x 7cm strip of blue card. Make a 13cm slit across the centre.

8. Slip the folded strip of white card through the slit as shown and add double sided tape to teh top and bottom.

9. It should look like this from the front. Attach to the card front at 2cm from the bottom with double sided tape.

10. Glue the tab to the back of the decoupage image then add glue to the concertina folded part and stick together.

11. Glue a Beach Hut topper to the left of the card, above the slit. Add a strip of striped washi tape along the bottom of the slit panel Add a Happy Birthday Glitter Sticker to the top right with a sandcastle, shell and starfish to the bottom right. Add gems to the beach hut and porthole.
Attach an arrow sticker to the pull tab. The little boat will move from side to side along the card :)


  1. This is adorable Ruth. I love your technique for creating your sliding mechanism. I love that it doesn’t require using coins, plastic pieces, or anything else people use for a slider. Just wonderful!

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