Thursday 30 June 2016

Seaside bottle - Plaid paints and Mod Melts

 When I was experimenting with the lovely boxful of goodies which Plaid sent me a few weeks ago, I thought I'd like to make something which would show the contrast between the Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint and the Mod Podge Sheer Colours so I grabbed this Maple Syrup bottle and got started :)
I painted the bottom half with Sheer Blue, then mixed some Nautical and White Adirondack Chalk Paint and painted the top half. I added some Yellow Crochet mixed with Sheepskin as sand on the bottom and covered it with Extreme Glitter to replicate sand.
 I used my new Mod Melter with High Temp Mod Melts in the Sea Life Mod Molds to create all the shapes which I attached to the bottle. I painted them with various colours of the Chalk Paint and added Extreme Glitter to the Seahorse and Starfish.

You can see the contrast in the Sheer Paint and Chalk Paint better at this angle.

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  1. Brilliant Ruth .. shear genius ... it never occurred to me that the background on the bottle was different to the background behind the bottle ... I love the seahorse and star fish and the shells ... if I had half your talent I'd be happy .... You are such an inspiration Thank you for the tutorial XX


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