Friday 10 June 2016

A few days in Co. Tipperary - Clonmel, Cashel, Cahir and Fethard

I used to post lots of photos of my travels around Ireland while I was demonstrating crafts but haven't had the same chance to see around for a while. However, I meet folks who tell me they love to see photos of places they haven't been to (yet!) so here are some which were taken this week on a few days' break in Co. Tipperary. I'll add some more tomorrow :)
River Suir, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

Etched glass on the bridge



 There were a lot of renovations going on at the Rock of Cashel so we didn't go right to the top, but Cashel is a lovely little town to walk around. 

Brian Boru with the Rock of Cashel in the background

 Cahir Castle


I was demoing in Fethard this time last year and really loved the countryside. I've wanted to go back and spend some time walking and enjoying the little town and surrounding countryside since then - so this was my first chance :)

Someone has been busy planting beautiful wild flowers beside the river.

I was taking some photos of the countryside when these cows came up to the gate. They were all chewing loudly and the noise was amazing! 

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's castle seen from Fethard

The town walls along the riverside, Fethard

Just thought this was a very unusual combination under the same roof - hopefully they are not related!

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