Saturday 25 June 2016

Kinbane Head and Ballintoy, Co. Antrim

I took loads of photos of this next place we visited yesterday - Kinbane Head. Neither David nor I had ever walked, or should I say, climbed) down to the bottom of the cliff and up the rocks on the other side to the castle ruins before. The weather was fantastic by the time we reached this part of the road and it was a just a really quiet, tranquil and beautiful place to sit and enjoy after the climb.
 The view from the top of the path at the car park

Look at the little canoes to the right of the cliffs to see the scale of the rocks.

 The bottom of the path - just before the climb up the other side to the castle ruins

 I spotted this wall from a distance and thought I'd like to sit on the low part and admire the view (or catch my breath!) but got a real shock when I realised there was a sheer drop on the other side - see below

 The two men in the canoes had come ashore and were having a barbeque by the time we climbed down from the castle - they got me to take a photo of t hem with their phones so they could send it to their friends who were at work :)

 Best of company :)

Back down and on to Ballintoy
 Ballintoy harbour
Spectacular little place - no wonder it is used so often for filming

 Chilled out and enjoying the moment :)

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  1. U could be a tourist guide Ruth with all the knowledge you give us! Stunning photos, looks to be a fab little place


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