Friday 24 June 2016

Envelope album tutorial using Tonic Studios' Delicate Embrace dies

I've made a photo tutorial showing how to make an envelope album using the Tonic Studios Delicate Embrace die set. I have made it with 4 envelopes but you can add as many as you like. You could also decorate it in various ways eg with patterned paper, or by using the patterned dies in the "verso" way to cut the pattern into the card leaving a lacy effect.

You will need ;
Tonic Studios Delicate Embrace die set
blue card
white card
Funky Glue
double sided tape
Felicity Butterfly die set
Ivory Seashell Crystal Drops
A4 die cutting machine

How to make it:
1. Place the largest die from the set on the blue card and pass through your die cutting machine.

2. This will cut out the shape and deboss the folds.

 3. Fold in the sides and put a line of glue along the outer edges.

4. Fold up the bottom and stick to the glue on the sides. Fold over the top.

5. Die cut the scalloped triangular die on white card.

6. Tape the patterned die on top and pass through the die cutting machine.

7. Glue the resulting patterned shape onto  the envelope flap.

8. Die cut the plain rectangle from white card.

9. Add detail with the patterned die.

10. Glue this to the front of the envelope.

 11. Cut out 3 more envelopes (or more if you like).

12. Score two of the other envelopes at 2mm from the top fold and the other at 3mm.

13. Glue the envelopes together as shown.

 14. Cut out the shape above from blue card and also from white card.

 15. Cut out the detail on the blue shape.

 16. Glue the patterned blue shape on top of the white plain shape.

17. Add double sided tape as shown.

 18. Cut out 3 more white rectangles and add detail using the same patterned die in different configurations. Add the last shape from stage 17. to the far right panel as shown.

19. Make 4 more patterned triangles as before and glue to the inside of the pocket album as shown above.

20. Fold concertina style so that the flap from the first envelope will tuck into  the back envelope.

 21.Glue a long length of ribbon to the centre of the envelope front. Die cut the two ovals from the set - the larger one from blue card and the smaller one from white card. Layer these and glue on top of the ribbon. Add a layered Felicity Butterfly on top. Add Ivory Seashell Crystal Drops to the butterfly and centres of the flowers.

22. Tie the ribbon at the back.


  1. Once again thanks for sharing your tutorials they are all really appreciated

  2. Love this will definitely give it a go as have those dies

  3. Thank you, I think your webpage's pictures are so beautiful.


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