Tuesday 21 March 2023

Tim Holtz Tonic Studios 12.5" Rotary Media Trimmer REVIEW VIDEO #affiliate


I ordered a Tim Holtz Tonic Studios 12.5" Rotary Media Trimmer last week and have made a video showing you how I've been using it.

I have given you an overview of my first impressions of the brand new Tim Holtz 12.5" Rotary Media Trimmer and I hope you enjoy watching. I've certainly been very impressed and I hope you are too. I'm a Content Creator for Tonic Studios so I use many of their products. I checked this product out for myself and ordered it soon after the launch so these opinions are my own and I was not asked to make a video. However, if you do decide to purchase and use my affiliate links, I will get a little commission but it will not alter the price for you.

My main form of crafting is card making so I have tried to show you how I used the trimmer on a variety of card types but it is also able to be used on "chipboard (up to 0.05"thick) canvas, card stock & paper" (quote from the packaging)
If I have any further information as I use it I will add this below here. I'll be using the trimmer in further videos so please check back to see those too.
The brand new Tim Holtz® Rotary Media Trimmer is designed with creative crafters in mind! Featuring a geared rotary cutting blade, this trimmer effortlessly cuts through a range of crafting mediums. The trimmer offers both imperial and metric rulers and a handy ¼ inch-gridded base with popular paper sizes for ease of use. With a compact base that has a cutting length of 12.5”/31.5cm and extendable arms that can expand it to 12”/30.5cm, this trimmer is versatile and practical. Not only is the Tim Holtz® Rotary Media Trimmer highly engineered and durable, but it can also cut through various substrates, including heavy-duty chipboard (up to 0.05” thick), heavyweight cardstock (up to 130#/350GSM), synthetic surfaces (Yupo, acetate), and lightweight vellum with ease. Additionally, the ergonomic Kush grip carriage ensures comfortable to use during extended cutting sessions. Experience the unmatched quality and innovative design of Tim Holtz® tools brought to you in collaboration with Tonic Studios' engineering expertise. ✓ Geared rotary trimmer with cutting length 12.5”/31.5cm ✓ Imperial and Metric rulers with an extendable base to measure 12”/30.5cm ✓ Cut through various substrates, including heavy-duty chipboard (up to 0.05” thick), heavyweight cardstock (up to 130#/350GSM), synthetic surfaces (Yupo, acetate), and lightweight vellum ✓ Handy ¼ inch gridded base with poplar paper sizes for ease of use ✓ Ergonomic Kush grip carriage ✓ Highly durable blade for extended use – Spare blade available within the range.

Thanks so much for looking :) If you enjoy the video please don't forget to "like" it and subscribe to my channel :) Link to disclosure - http://apassionforcards.blogspot.com/p/how-it-works.html My website : https://ruthhamiltondesign.com/ Blog: https://apassionforcards.blogspot.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ruth.hamilton.31105/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ruthhamilton7243/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ruthhamiltondesigndigiimages/ Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.co.uk/passionforcards/ Happy crafting! Disclaimer: some of the links on some of my videos are "affiliate links", meaning that if you purchase using those links, I receive a small commission but this will not cost you any extra. Please consider using these links when you visit these sites. I earn a small commission at no added cost to you: Tonic Studios UK - https://shrsl.com/35m6e Tonic Studios USA - https://shrsl.com/35m6k Scrapbook.com - https://shrsl.com/34x4s CraftStash - https://tidd.ly/3gEWCc5

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