Thursday 17 December 2020

Tonic Studios Designer's Choice 14 - Exquisite Censer Gift Box (affiliate)

              Today sees the release of the gorgeous Tonic Studios Designer's Choice No. 14 Die Set.

These are my affiliate links to buy the set - UK -

                                                                     USA -

 This one is called the Exquisite Censer Gift Box and, as you can see from the photos, the dies can be used to create this charming box. The finished box measures 7cm at the widest point (across the shoulders!) 5.5cm across the bottom, and 16cm from top to tail, including the handle.
In my video you can see how I also used the dies to create a slim line packet which could be used for a gift card or something flat  - or even pot pourri, as the scent will escape through the openings at the top of the packet.

I have used gold card on one and plain card on the others with the addition of some patterned paper but I can also see it looking beautiful made up in Christmas patterned paper and card!
These are only available for a limited period so if you want it, please don't wait too long or you may be disappointed.

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