Monday 20 July 2020

Tonic's 20th Birthday release! (incl YouTube video)

 It's Tonic's Birthday! To celebrate Birthday Week, Tonic have just released a fantastic new die set.

These are my affiliate links to where you can purchase the set -


The Perfect Party Bags Die Set includes a massive 47 dies designed to create a vast array of different party bags. With 3 base shapes, 11 mix and match decorative panels, interchangeable verso edges for every panel as well as tags, badges and even a rolled flower die - this must- have set contains every die you will ever need to create wonderful party and gift bags. This unique set comes supplied with a full A4 magnetic sheet and durable wallet, ready to be stored in your Large Ringbinder Die Case (item 347).
You can also buy this Ringbinder Die Case through my affilliate links here -

My YouTube video

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