Monday 27 July 2020

Fairy Door Tree Stump Table - with photos and video

This is one of my favourite little corners of the garden and I have a table which is made from a tree stump. It's been there for years but a few weeks ago while I was having a cuppa down there I thought it was the ideal "blank canvas" for creating a little Fairy House. I have not been able to get out and about to demo as I usually do so I decided to use some of the gorgeous products which I had been sent to add some "magic" to the garden. I hope it will inspire you grab a fairy door, some of the other bits and bobs and have a go yourself!

Video on YouTube

The Products I used - 
                                                         Flax twine (product code 50333)
 Door - 10 x 13x 0.5cm (product code 56517)
Wooden Mushrooms - (product code 56519)
Mushroom Tables - (product code 56513)
Ice Lolly sticks
Wooden pegs (Heart - product code 599501)
Squirrels (product code 56153)
I also used Derwent Paint Pens to colour tiny pebbles
and 2 pieces of mirror from my stash

 Some pebbles, sea glass, shells, driftwood and beech nuts. I also used some dried moss.

 How I made it:
1. I placed the door in the centre and marked the outside edges, then glued 2 pieces of driftwood to the left and right of these marks. Then I glued the door in place and built up some little steps. I've also added some panel pins to keep everything in place securely.

2. I glued and tacked "window sills" in place to support rectangles of mirror, then added more driftwood around to create window frames.

 3. Because I wanted to have room for the little fairy stools I added some more wood around the bottom of the stump.

4. I glued lollipop sticks to the back of the larger stool with a hot glue gun to create a little chair.

 5. Back of stool. The glue can be covered with moss.

 6. I glued lots of moss and bits and pieces from nature to the base and added the other toadstools at the other side.

 7. I used the White Derwent Paint Pen to write on the small pebble and glued it beside the door with the hot glue gun.

 7. I used  some other Paint Pens to draw flowers on tiny pebbles.

 8. I made a little washing line from  the twine and added the pegs.

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  1. Another lovely idea Ruth! I would love to do something like that, but the first thing I would need is a tree stump .....!! I love the cushions too.


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