Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Wacky Christmas Shoes tutorial

What better time of year to transform a pair of shoes! You can be as sensible or as wacky as you like or you can even do as I have done here and make the embellishments on the front interchangeable :)
I painted the shoes, made the resin reindeer and then attached them with hook and loop adhesive so that I can remove the reindeer and have resin buttons or felt penguins (or whatever you fancy) instead!
All the products used and the full photo instructions are listed below the photos of the shoes themselves.

How to make them -

This was where the idea came from. I had this pair of shoes which I hadn't worn for a long time and I liked the idea of  resin reindeer and glitter!

 You will need:
acrylic paint (for shoes) - green, white, red
Extreme Glitter Paint (for shoes) - Peridot, Red and Glam Gold
acrylic paint (for reindeer) - brown, white, red, black
Extreme Glitter Paint (for reindeer) - Red and Glam Gold
Pebeo Gedeo Crystal Resin
Pebeo Gedeo Christmas Mould
Pebeo Gedeo Button Mould
Pebeo Crimson Fantasy Moon
Dot & Dab Hook and Loop Adhesive Dots
Ribbon for bows
Simply Creative Felt Penguins
Mod Podge Gloss
Hot glue gun

 1. Paint the whole uppers, heels and soles with gesso to give a key for painting on. Paint the uppers with green paint (2 coats of necessary) and then apply 2 layers of green Extreme Glitter Paint. Paint the platform white.

 2. Paint the heels white and leave to dry thoroughly. Use masking tape to mark off the areas you want to paint with red stripes. Paint the red areas and carefully remove the masking tape.

 3. Paint the soles red, leave to dry and then paint the arches with red Extreme Glitter Paint. Paint the tips of the heels black.
Protect the shoes with 2 layers of Mod Podge Gloss.

 4. Mix 20ml of Crystal Resin with 10ml of hardener according to the instructions (for at least 3 minutes) and pour into the reindeer mould. NB see photo below.
5. Only fill the reindeer head area and not the bow at the bottom. You can remove the loop at the top with sharp scissors just before the resin has completely hardened.
Set aside to cure overnight/ 24 hours and repeat for second shoe.

6. Mix the remaining resin with a little gold Extreme Glitter Paint and pour into the mould at the bottom right of the photo above. 

                            Set aside to cure overnight/ 24 hours and repeat for second shoe.

               7. Paint the backs of the reindeer with 2 layers of brown paint. Leaver to dry and then                                                                                  paint the fronts.
      Mix a little brown and white for the faces and antlers, paint and then add a layer of gold Extreme                                                 Glitter Paint. Make two little ribbon bows. 
                                    Paint the noses red and then add a layer of red Glitter Paint.

                  8. Attach the hook and loop circles to the shoes and the backs of the reindeer.

9. Pour Carmine Fantasy Moon Effect into the buttons and set aside to dry. Make up a tiny amount of               resin (5ml resin and 2.5ml hardener) and cover the buttons. Set aside overnight to cure.

10. Attach the hook and loop circles to the back of the felt penguins and use them as alternative decorations on the shoes.

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  1. Awesome shoes!!! Mine would have pink flamingos on them!
    Thanks for sharing!


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