Saturday 19 October 2019

New member in the family! Meet Nicco :)

I have to introduce you to our new arrival!
This is Nicco and he's absolutely adorable!
We'd been missing having a little pet in the house since Missy passed away in April and had been thinking about getting a little dog. We weren't sure what breed of dog to have but we knew it would have to be a little "rescue dog". After several months of asking around, I decided that a King Charles Cavalier would be the perfect match for our family so we started to check out a local rescue site.
When Nicco's profile came up, the whole family knew he'd be "the one".
After we had a home visit from the Rescue Centre and were approved we went to visit Nicco at his foster home. He is around 2 years old but was malnourished and small. Julie, his foster mum, had him for 4 weeks and did a great job at settling him.
 This was taken on our first visit to see Nicco and I was over the moon when he fell asleep on my knee!

We finalised all the paperwork etc as quickly as possible and brought him home on our second visit.
That's us on the way home ...and yes! there may be tears in my eyes!

From here on in, just be prepared to be bombarded with photos because he is the cutest and most adorable (not to mention gentle) little dog ever!

After his first bath in our house.

 He loves snuggling up to David when he is feeling under the weather :)

 Out for a walk in the park

             Cheeky face!

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  1. Trop mignon Nicco.
    C'est bien de lui offrir une seconde chance dans un foyer affectueux.
    Bravo à vous et plein de caresses à Nicco.

    Too cute Nicco.
    It's good to give him a second chance in a loving home.
    Congratulations to you and lots of caresses to Nicco.


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