Tuesday 11 June 2019

Folk Art Marbling Paint flowers and background - Plaid

I can't get enough of the gorgeous Folk Art Marbling Paint from Plaid. The flow/pouring medium is already incorporated in it so you can create lots of different results with it as well as the more obvious marbling effect. I've blown the paint into petal shapes here with a straw.

You can see some other ideas here -






You will need
a canvas
Folk Art Marbling Paint-  white, blue, aqua sour apple  and yellow
damp kitchen roll 
a straw
cocktail stick

 1. Cover the complete canvas with white marbling paint.

 2. Streak some Blue MP across the canvas with a spatula.

 3. Add a thick line of Aqua MP across the top of the canvas.

 4. Drag the Aqua paint from the top of the canvas with a piece of dampened kitchen roll.

5. After dragging down the paint.

 6. Add dots of Blue Marbling Paint and blow into petal shapes with a straw. Add Sour Apple stems and leaves with a cocktail stick. Add Aqua and Yellow detail in the centres of the flowers.

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