Tuesday 7 November 2017

Decorating a Christmas Bell Jar

Bell Jars can look so cute with a little mini Christmas scene inside. I have posted all the instructions on how to decorate the one on the left so you can try it for yourself :)
I have used two different sizes of Bell Jars in the photo. The one which I have used for the tutorial measures 18cm x 11cm

You will need:
Bell Jar on Wooden Stand - 18x 11cm 52163
Wooden shapes (Art no 57885)
Battery tea light
Plaid Folk Art Acrylic paint - Wicker White, Country Twill, Thicket, Classic Green, Burnt Umber
Plaid Folk Art Extreme Glitter Paint - Peridot Green and Holographic
fine wire( for suspending snowflakes)
Simply Creative A4 Glitter Felt Multipack 
3D snow effect
Simply Creative 3mm and 6mm gold gems
hot glue gun
washi tape

Glass dome, battery lights, wooden shapes

1. Carefully remove the required shapes from the background sheet and paint with Folk Art Acrylic paint. 

2. Add Peridot Green Extreme Glitter Paint over the Christmas trees and Holographic Extreme Glitter Paint onto the stars.

3. Add some 3D Snow Effect to the branches and some 3mm gold gems to the trees.

4. Draw around the removable base of the dome onto white Glitter Felt and cut out. Glue these together.

5. Arrange the elements onto the felt base and glue in place with a hot glue gun, adding some 3D snow around the bases. Place the battery lights into the base of the dome and wrap around the trees.
Add some fine wire around the top of the snowflakes and attach to the inside top of the dome with hot glue. Glue one large snowflake to the top of the dome on the outside with a 6mm gold gem in the centre. Add washi tape around the base.

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