Wednesday 5 October 2016

Ideas with Mod Podge Sheer Colours by Plaid

I've been using Plaid's Sheer Colours on lots of different surfaces - glass, acrylic, wood, gems etc and trying out some different techniques. You can see below how each of these have turned out - and I hope it inspires you to try it out for yourself!

 This is the simplest and quickest way to use the Sheer Paint - simply coat the bottle with one or two layers of paint (depending on what you prefer) and decorate. I've used an empty glass perfume bottle, painted it with Sheer Purple, then cut out a floral pattern from from designer paper and Mod Podged to the bottle with a Podgeable Glass Dome on top. I've coated the plastic lid with Mod Podge Extreme Glitter. 

This is a maple syrup bottle and  I painted the bottom half with Sheer Blue and added Chalk Paint for the sky and sand. You can see the beach themed paper through the "sea" on the bottle.


I love this way of changing the look of card and paper with the Sheer Colours - the card base I started off with was white and I painted a border of Pink around the outside before adding the grey paper.Then I painted the spotty paper and paper flower with the same paint to coordinate.
I picked up the sliver glitter from the tag and added some Dovecraft Glitter Glue to the spots and around the edges of the spotty paper and around the gem in the centre of the flower. The Sheer Paint acts as a tint and gives a beautiful sheen to the painted areas.

I poured small amounts of Pink and Aqua Sheer Paint into a small jar and swirled it around to give this marbled effect. You need to leave the jar upside down to drain for a couple of hours, then turn it upright and leave until completely dry. This can take 24 hours but I find it quicker if the jar is placed in the airing cupboard for a few hours.

This is another little crystal glass marbled in the same way.

These are glass jars which I have painted on the outside with different colours and then Mod Podged a die cut to the inside of the glass.
I've painted a layer of Mod Podge Extreme Glitter on the outside of the two jars on the right.

They look beautiful with a battery tealight inside.

On the jar on the left I have painted the glass and added Extreme Glitter to alternate stripes. On the jar to the right I have painted the stripes pink and aqua. The gems were colourless so I have used the Sheer Colours to colour coordinate them .

The wooden hearts have been painted with Sheer paint but I've left the snowflake unpainted to show the original colour.

I painted the inside of this acrylic Christmas tree with Green Sheer paint, leaving quite defined brush strokes and then recoated when it dried. The pearls were glued to the outside when I had finished.


I used each of the colours of Sheer Paint on these die cut jigsaw pieces which I cut from silver glitter card. It's still beautifully sparkly but you can see the new colours on the jigsaw pieces on the card.

Enjoy :)

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