Saturday 1 October 2016

Demo at the Craft Cabin, Ballyconnell today - thanks :)

As you can see from  the photos I really enjoyed the day demoing at the Craft Cabin, Ballyconnell. Thanks a million to Taragh for inviting me to demo at the shop's 1st birthday party! Thanks too, to everyone else who came along throughout the day and stayed for a while. It was a fun day ( for me anyhow, and I hope for the others too) with plenty of things going on all around.

I just added this one because Ann's head seems to have got lost in the photo above!

 No matter how big a table I start off with I end up confined to about a square foot in ten minutes!

 So lovely to see Gemma again - I wonder how she knew where to find me having a quick cuppa before I started to demo ;)

 Great to actually meet Tarragh at last.

Ann - always keeps me smiling :)

 Tarragh and Mary

 The Craft Cabin

A lovely treat to enjoy later  - thanks so much Josephine!

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