Tuesday 18 October 2016

Breast Cancer Awareness month - please take a minute to read

As it's breast cancer awareness month, I'd like to gently remind you to think about having yourself checked out. As you've probably gathered, I don't post much of my personal life on here - just some family photos and demo things. I don't talk much about this outside my family and close friends but I think most of you are aware that I wasn't well last year and had to take some time out.
The short story is that when the appointment came to go for a mammogram, I was too busy and was going to cancel as I had no symptoms whatsoever. However, David persuaded me to make the time and go along. It came as a complete shock to be called back and told that I had indeed got breast cancer. This post is not about me - it's for your benefit. I'm not looking for sympathy or pats on the back, I just want to make more women aware. The outcome so far is that I had surgery to remove the cancer in July 2015 and a course of radiotherapy throughout October last year. As you can see I'm now out and about demoing again even though I've been taking on less travelling because of the fatigue - but it could have been so different if I'd cancelled that appointment.
I thank God every day for the the care I received from everyone involved along the way.
Please think about making an appointment :)


  1. like you're message Ruth, people please be aware, we are an ever growing club

  2. Thank you so much for that. My appointment is coming up soon and as much as I hate having it done I couldn't not go. I have recently retired after 42 years of being a nurse and the last 4 I worked in the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme. I know there were people who got an unpleasant suprise, there were people too frightened to put themselves through the testing, those who did the test and didn't get picked up and those that sailed through it. We are so lucky to have these screening programmes and treatments are advancing all the time. Anyone who is hesitating, please, bite the bullet and get the test.


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