Wednesday 17 June 2015

Next two demos

Good morning. I'm really sorry but I have to cancel my next two demos - so I will NOT be able to go to Art and Hobby in Swords this weekend or to Inspiring Ideas next weekend. I was really looking forward to these and to meeting up with lots of you who had been in touch and I'm extremely sorry to have let the shopkeepers down at such short notice.
As some of you already know David's mother is not well and we have been spending a lot of time visiting hospital but now I'm not feeling very well myself so I have had to stop briefly (hopefully). I had already scheduled July to be free from demos and Mandels in Castlebar had already had to cancel the demo there at the beginning of August for other reasons so my next scheduled demo is on Aug 8th. I hope to be able to carry on as usual after this short break and I'll keep you posted.
Thanks for understanding, for the messages and especially for the prayers. 
In the meantime, you know me well enough to understand that I'll still be posting new stuff here as often as I can. I just am not free to be away from home for a short time but want to try to carry on doing "what I do" from home for the time being.

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