Wednesday 1 April 2015

Photos of Ballyclare and Six Mile Water area for Loretta :)

Slemish from the Collin Road

I know someone who is always happy to see photos of Co. Antrim and I hope these few taken in a bit of a rush this morning make you smile, Loretta! I don't think I've ever taken photos of the Ballyclare area but I was going there this morning and was thinking about you :)

All the photos above were taken from the Collin Road.

..and these were taken of the Six Mile Water from the Mill Road entrance.

This was a very enthusiastic young fisherman who was enjoying his school Easter holidays.
I only stopped to see if he'd caught anything and got an in depth lesson in fishing  ("Aye, boys, it's great fun!"). He had me wondering why I'd never tried it  - until it started to rain!

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  1. Lovely to see your photos of Ballyclare Ruth. My Father in law and a pals husband are both from there! Sadly I've not managed a visit over yet but would love to go. Shona xx


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