Saturday 18 April 2015

"After the show is over........"

We're back home with our feet up after 3 great days at the Kings Hall with Mark, demoing for Crafty Devils. We've just had our dinner followed by the last of the Jammy Joey stash.

Thanks so much to Mark for having us again and for looking after us so well - it can't be easy spending 3 days between David and me, lol. At one point he was totally surrounded by "Hamiltons" today! 
Thanks so much to everyone who came, watched the demoing and bought the dies. And thanks to all the lovely folk who brought us treats! 
I really should have taken some photos but, as usual, when I get so busy I forget to take the camera out of my bag.
Thanks again to everyone who made it so special :)


  1. Fab cards they really look lovely,look forward to reading that one Debs x

  2. I'm glad you have your feet up, you worked so hard over the three days. Lovely to catch up with you a little, I enjoy that show more than the RDS, because that one is always in November, and we leave in the dark, and get home in the dark. This one, it was sunny each way! I'll look out for the magazine when I'm next in town.


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