Tuesday 4 February 2014

Last night at Killyleagh

A big thanks to all the ladies of the Downpatchwork and Craft Group who made me so welcome in Killyleagh last night. Sorry if you didn't get much of a chance to lift your heads - even for a photo! I hope you all enjoyed it as  much as I did. I don't know where the time went but you all had beautiful cards to take home at the end. Looking forward to coming back again to "do flowers" as we really only had a quick look at the end and you all seemed so keen to see more. Many thanks to Libby for the invitation and to everyone else for braving the torrential rain :)
I just noticed after I posted these photos that you are all very serious looking  - we did have plenty of laughs but I seem to have caught most of you while you were deep in concentration!!


  1. Oh yes of course Sharon Boyd with the Biscuits lol..

  2. Many thanks for giving us a very enjoyable evening - lovely cards! Looking forward to making flowers another night.


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