Sunday 23 February 2014

Co. Down

Just sharing a few more photos for those who like to look at them - quick snaps, as usual, and it was a very windy day on Friday and the sky was really dark at times!! 
This is Kilkeel harbour and just looking at the photos again makes me a bit dizzy. It was so windy here that all the boats were rising and falling so much beside us that I was almost seasick:)


No matter what the weather is like it would be impossible to see  path like this and not go further...
Couldn't stay more than a few minutes because the wind was so strong and my ears were whistling!


  1. Beautiful photo's Ruth thinking perhaps our next holiday might book up. Love Alison xx

  2. Aww lovely pictures of home, Ruth - now I'm feeling really homesick - haven't been there in ages! We used to run down that wee path and across the beach on the cross country runs from school with the sand blowing up and stinging our legs and faces - now that really was a long time ago! I can also spot the fish factory where I spent a summer holiday earning some money shelling prawns! Bernice

  3. Love the pics Ruth, it looks as if you really had the cobwebs blown away. It's been just as blowy on the west coast! (Co. Sligo)


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