Monday 14 October 2013

Belfast Lough

I've been busy, busy for a while now and it was so lovely just to have a half hour's walk along the shores of Belfast Lough just a couple of minutes down the road from here. I know from all the emails I get and from being out and about at demos etc that there are plenty of people who read my blog who love seeing local photos but as they don't have blogs or Facebook themselves can't leave any comments - well this is for you :)
As always, they are not the best photos but I really do appreciate the beautiful scenery all around here.
These were taken at Hazelbank and you can just about see the Knockagh monument in the background of the photo above.

The steps down from the carpark.

Looking up towards Belfast.

The Cave Hill in the background.

Walking back to the carpark - you can just see Carrickfergus in the background.

This odd looking fish is just between the carpark and the walkway.


  1. Beautiful scenery I must get out more and take some photos. Love Alison xx

  2. I will put my hand up as one that enjoys seeing your photos of your surrounding area. Thanks for sharing these. it is so lovely and green and love that fish.


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