Tuesday 23 May 2023

Simple Sliding Affection Box (2 WAYS) - Tonic Studios #affiliate


This is another adorable die set from Tonic! There are 36 die in the set and you can make a little gift box which fits inside two sliding compartments. I have made the box like the packaging but also made a different interior box for my second sample. This one has a little pop up mechanism which you can add a die cut from any of your other sets onto.

You can see my video here

I hope you enjoy watching :)
Don't forget you can also use the dies in the set to make cards, tags, bookmarks etc and you can change the way you close the box too.

You can buy the die set here (AFFILIATE LINKS)
Simple Sliding Affections Box die set
USA - NB this will be updated when the USA site is up and running again

                                                             Thanks so much for looking :)

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