Thursday 10 November 2022

Tonic Studios Showcase - Eternity Vase Step by Step (and video link) #affiliate


This fabulous 49 piece Showcase die set makes 3 different sizes of elegant vases. It contains dies which make the sides for each side and also a square, hexagonal and octagonal base and matching lid.

UK -

USA - 

 There are full instructions inside the die set and I’d advise you to have a look first and identify the pieces which you’ll need for whatever shape of vase you are going to make 😊

In this blog post tutorial I’ll be showing you how to make the middle size with 6 sides but you can also see how to make the 4 sided vase and the 8 sided vase in my video here -

To make this you will need the following Tonic Studios products

Eternity Vase die set
UK -  (affiliate links)
Craft Perfect Ivory Smooth Card (300gsm)
Craft Perfect Pearlescent Card, Coffee Cream
Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive
Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive Precision Nozzles
Tangerine Die Cutting Machine

How to Make it

1. Die cut 3 of the main die pieces for the sides.

2. Using the dies in the photo, die cut the patterned panels from Coffee Cream card and glue to the ivory pieces.

3. Die cut the narrow rectangles for the centres and glue in place.

 4. Glue all the pieces together by the little centre glue tabs.

5. Glue the side tabs at the bottom together but leave the top parts at the moment.

6. Die cut 2 of the base side panels from ivory card and snip one in half.

7. Die cut 6 of the little decorative panels, glue in place and glue the 2 strips together.

8. Glue together to form a hexagon. 

9. Die cut 4 of the hexagons which are the same size as the lid. Glue one into the inside of the hexagon.

10. Glue another on top to close the little base.

11. Glue a 3rd on the outside edge to cover the glue tabs.

12. Glue the 4th one down inside the open base of the vase.

13. Now glue the vase to the base.

14. It should now look like this.

15. You can now glue the top side glue tabs together the whole way around and also the little tabs at the top. It may help to hols these in place with tiny pegs while the glue adheres.

16. Die cut 3 of the Lid Lower Tier Side Panels and 6 corresponding decorative panels. Glue on the little panels and then glue the panels together in the same way as for the base.

17. Die cut 2 of the Lower Tier tops and glue one hexagon into the lid.

18. Glue the other lid hexagon on top to cover the glue tabs.

19. Die cut 2 patterned panels to decorate the lid and glue in place. Then die cut 3 of the small lid top tier side panel pieces and glue together in the same way as the base. Using the tiny dies shown in the photo at the top right, die cut pieces for the top and bottom of this top tier.

20. Glue these pieces together to create a little button/knob for the top of the lid and glue in place.

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