Thursday 13 October 2022

Superb Slider Box Tutorial (Tonic Showcase) plus video link #affiliate

The beautiful Superb Slider Showcase die set has 43 different dies which can be used in several combinations to make pockets, shelves and drawers which fit together and are enclosed in a removable cylinder.

You can buy it here - 

UK - USA -

You can use some of the dies to decorate the front of the box or you can use patterned paper to give it a different look. I have used some patterned paper which was in my stash.

The little inner cylinder has a handle which fits up through a slit in the outer covering.

In this step by step tutorial I’m going to show you how to die cut and assemble a Superb Slider box with one pocket and 3 drawers.

                                                You can also see in my video here

how you can make 2 other variations, one with 2 pockets and the other with a pocket, 2 drawers and a shelf.

To make the slider box in this blog post you will need the following Tonic Studios products

Showcase “Superb Slider Box” die set

UK - USA -

Tangerine A4 die cutting machine

Craft Perfect Ivory 300gsm Smooth Card

Craft Perfect Classic Card – Ivory White

Craft Perfect Satin Effect Mirror Card  -  Baroque Rose

Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive

Patterned paper of your choice



How to Make it

1. Die cut the above pieces in the quantities shown, using the 300gsm card for all the pieces except the top left, which you will cut from Classic card. You may wish to cut extra large circles to strengthen the base.

2. Join the ling strips with the glue tabs to form a circle and fold in the tabs.


3. Glue one large circle into the ring and then add another on top.

4. This will form the base.

5. Use the “slit “ die along with the medium circle die (lining up the notches) .

6. Give the large die cuts a little curve with your bone folder and glue together to form a cylinder.  

7. Glue one of the slit circles into the bottom of the cylinder and glue the other on top of the glue tabs, lining up the slits. 

8. Cut a 27cm x 12cm strip of patterned paper and glue around the cylinder. Cut a 1cm strip of matching paper and glue around the base.

9. Die cut both shapes shown from Classic card  (cutting 2 of the hinges)

10. Glue the hinges to the pocket and then attach to the back of the central card. Glue the 2 handles together and attach to the top.   

11. Glue the other central card to the back. (You can leave this and attach the drawers to the second card before gluing them both together, as I have done in my video) 


12. Die cut the same shape from patterned paper, removing a sliver from each side and the glue tabs from the bottom. Glue to the pocket.

13. Make the drawer compartment. (Repeat for each drawer)

Die cut 2 of the compartment shapes from Classic card and 2 little rectangles for the sides.

14. Fold and burnish as shown.

15. Glue the bases together as in the photo.

16.  Die cut 2 semi circles from 300gsm card. Glue on to the top of the compartment. Curve the tabs around the sides and glue onto the semi circle. 

17. Repeat for the bottom.

18. Glue on the patterned paper side panels.

19. Make 3 compartments and glue together as a stack.

Add another semi circle on top and add a decorative panel.

20. Glue the stack of compartments to the central panel.

21. Make the drawer (Repeat for the 3 drawers)

Die cut the shapes shown from Classic card and a decorative panel from patterned paper. Glue together in this configuration.

22. Add decorative panels to the sides and inside.

23. Use the 2 dies shown to make a decorative panel for the outer cylinder. Glue in place. 

24. Die cut a medium circle from 300gsm card and glue to the base. Then glue the cylinder to the base platform.

Because I have used paper with a bird on it, I used some Craft Perfect Jute twine to create a little nest and added some pearls into it.  I also made a little tag to match.

Enjoy 😊

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